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جمعه ۷ آبان ۱۳۹۵ تهران ۱۵:۴۱ - ۲۸ اکتبر ۲۰۱۶

رهبر جمهوري اسلامي دستور داد در حكم اعدام هاشم آغاجري تجديدنظر شود

مهدي خلجي

Summary of Iran Stories of Today's BroadcastRFE/RL Persian ServiceSunday, November 17, 2002 - Aghajari's Death Sentence and student protests - Guardians block press court jury selection bill - Iran's rank in economic freedom index Supreme Leader Orders Judiciary to Revise Aghajari's Death Sentence * Responding to a letter signed by hundreds of university professors, the Supreme Leader ordered the Judiciary to revise Aghajari's death sentence. Aghajari's lawyer said he will go to Hamedan by the end of the week in order to convince Aghajari to file an appeal. The students protesting the verdict declared victory. (Mehdi Khalaji) * Abollah Momeni, secretary of the pro-form student Islamic councils' association, tells RFE/RL that the Supreme Leader's order to revise Aghajari's death sentence was expected, but the students' protests against the suppression of freedom of expression would continue. Since the interior ministry denied the protesting students permit to march on Monday, the student gatherings will be held on campuses. The students of the Sharif Industrial University will close classes on Monday and protests will continue until December 6, the Student Day, he adds. (Golnaz Esfandiari) * Majles speaker Mehdi Karrubi thanked the Supreme Leader for his order to revise Aghajari's death sentence, and urged Aghajari to appeal the verdict through his lawyer. The student activists declared the Supreme Leader's order a victory and told international news agencies the protests would subside. (Golnaz Esfandiari) * RFE/RL reports on a protest gathering on the campus of Shahid Beheshti. A student activist tells RFE/RL that the meeting is being held later than other Tehran universities due to the conservative nature of that university's student Islamic council. He says a law professor's speech in defense of one's right to switch religions was greeted with loud applause. Scuffles with a Basiji speaker who defended Aghajari's death sentence disrupted the meeting. RFE/RL airs audio from the meeting. Students shout "Sticks, clubs and executions no longer work. There is no way but freedom for Iran." Another student tells RFE/RL that the participants were told that if they leave the campus in groups, they would be beaten in the street. She adds that in Alameh Tabatabai University some student protesters were beaten. She says students protest against the regime, not just Aghajari's death sentence. (Mahmonir Rahimi) * Review of the Arab press reports on the Supreme Leader's order to revise Aghajari's death sentence. (Farideh Rahbar, Cairo) Guardians Block Press Court Jury Bill * The conservative Guardians Council rejected for the fifth time the Majles bill on the jury selection process in press and political trials. Tehran-based lawyer and legal commentator Mohammad-Hossein Aghasi tells RFE/RL that political trials are being held without a jury, and the press court jury is stacked with radical conservative elements. The Majles bill calls for juries to be selected at random from a list of volunteers before each trial, he adds. (Golnaz Esfandiari) Iran near the Bottom of the Economic Freedom Index * In the 2003 index of economic freedom issued by the Heritage Foundation, Iran ranks 148 among 156 countries led by Hong Kong and Singapore. However, reforms such as the lowering of import tariffs, unification of the exchange rate and tax reforms moved Iran four-tenth of a point higher this year. (Fereydoun Khavand) US-Iran Secret Negotiations on War Emergencies * The Arab press gave a wide coverage to yesterday's item in the USA Today on secret US-Iran talks on emergency cooperation during the possible US attack on Iraq. Al-Hayat wrote that Iran tries to exploit the Iraq crisis to forge better relations with the US. Emerates' Al-Ettehad said US differences with Iran are too deep to be eliminated through a small tactical cooperation. (Jamshid Chalangi, Cairo) Paris Dialogue and Democracy Society's Meeting on Lawyers' Right * Tehran-based lawyer Mohammad-Ali Jedari-Foroughi and Paris-based human rights activist and lawyer, Abdolkarim Lahiji spoke in a five-hour lecture and question and answer session at the society for dialogue and democracy in Paris. Jedari-Foroughi is visiting Europe to seek the support of international human rights and lawyers' associations for his client Nasser Zarafshan, a lawyer who was thrown in jail for his defense of the families of the victims of the 1999 serial assassinations of dissidents by intelligence ministry officials. (Jean Khakzad, Paris) Youth and Violence * RFE/RL's Paris-based education commentator Said Peyvandi says the rising violence among Iranian youth results from the behavior and rhetoric of the Islamic Republic officials. (Kian Manavi) RFE/RL Roundtable * Tehran University political science professor Ahmad-Naqibzadeh, Paris University educational sociology professor Said Peyvandi and former Majles MP and Paris-based political commentator Ahmad Salamatian review the relationship of universities and politics in contemporary Iran. (Mehdi Khalaji)

در پاسخ به تقاضاي صدها استاد دانشگاه از وي براي مداخله در لغو حكم اعدام هاشم آغاجري، مدرس تاريخ دانشگاه تربيت مدرس و عضو شوراي مركزي سازمان چپگراي مجاهدين انقلاب اسلامي، روز شنبه رهبر جمهوري اسلامي دستور داد در اين حكم تجديد نظر شود. آغاجري به جرم انكار ضروريات دين و توهين به پيامبر اسلام در يك سخنراني كه طي آن از حكومت روحانيون و اصل تقليد از مراجع انتقاد كرد، به اعدام، هشت سال زندان، ده سال محروميت از تدريس و 74 ضربه شلاق محكوم شد. صالح نيكبخت، وكيل مدافع آغاجري، كه قبلا اعلام كرده بود موكل وي از تقاضاي تجديدنظر امتناع مي كند، گفت به همدان مي رود تا رضايت آغاجري را براي تقاضاي تجديدنظر جلب كند. وي افزود: اعتراض اينجانب و آغاجري تنها به حكم اعدام نيست، بلكه ساير اتهامات وارده نيز به هيج وجه متوجه موكل من نيست. رهبر جمهوري اسلامي در نامه خود به تضاد حكم اعدام آغاجري با مصالح ملي اشاره نکرد تا قوه قضائيه در مظان اتهام قرار نگيرد. دانشجويان معترض، موافقت رهبر جمهوری اسلامی با تجدیدنظر در حکم آغاجاری را يك پيروزي تلقي كردند.

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