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سه شنبه ۳ بهمن ۱۳۹۶ تهران ۱۷:۴۳

جزاير سه گانه خليج فارس و حمايت كنفرانس سران عرب از ادعاي امارات متحده

جمشيد زند، مصاحبه با دكتر سعيدمحمودي

Summary of Today's BroadcastRFE/RL Persian ServiceFriday, March 29, 2002 - Iran rejects Arabs' statement on Persian Gulf islands - Review of the week - Art exhibit in Cologne Iran Rejects Arabs' Statement on the Three Persian Gulf Islands * The acknowledgement of the UAE's claim on the three Persian Gulf islands at the Arab summit in Beirut was a political move. Iran rejected it immediately, says Said Musavi, a professor of international relations in Sweden. He tells RFE/RL that UAE's position, supported by its Arab allies, to take the matter to the international court in The Hague is not acceptable to Iran. No country allows international bodies decide on its sovereignty over a piece of its land. The only way to resolve the dispute is for the two sides to negotiate, as Iran has proposed. He says it would not be to Iran's benefit if UAE seeks the opinion of a group of internationally acclaimed lawyers, as Belize did in its dispute with Guatemala. (Jamshid Zand) Review of the Week A Tehran-based journalist writes a roundup of the week's events for RFE/RL. * No newspapers during the New Year holidays means calmer political atmosphere. * The government broadcasting did not fill the news void and angered many viewers. * The unusually high 128 deaths in high way accidents during the first 5 days of the New Year is telling of insufficient roads, bad signage and too many old cars with worn-out tires. * The jump in prices of gasoline and nearly everything else after the New Year dulled the holiday mood. Salaried workers do not expect their pay raises to match the inflation rate. (Nazi Azima) German Newspaper Reports on Iran's Plan to Export Gas to Europe * Linking Iranian gas pipeline to Turkey and from there to Greece opens prospects of gas exports to Europe, reports the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. (Shahram Mirian) 13 Iranian Artists Exhibit in Cologne * Mahmud Zendehrudi, one of the 13 artists in the group show in Cologne and a brother of the famous modernist painter Hossein Zendehrudi says he has shortened his name to Zendeh to distance himself from his brother's international fame. (Shahram Mirian, Cologne) WORLD * Israel reoccupies Ramallah. Saudi peace plan already failed, according to observers in Beirut. (Jamshid Chalangi, Beirut) * 300 leftist Italians, including some MP's, march towards Ramallah, defying Israeli army. (Ahmad Ra'fat, Rome) * Review of western press about the Arab summit's endorsement of the Saudi plan for peace in the Middle East. (Shahran Tabari, London) * Review of the US press reports and comments about the violence in the Middle East. (Homayoun Majd, Washington) * The US State Dept. spokesman is pessimistic on Iraq-Kuwait agreement. (Homayoun Majd) * The sixty countries who have signed the so-called Rome treaty to create an international court for crimes against humanity now need to ratify the treaty in their parliaments, says Afshin Erian, a professor of international law in Netherlands. Even after that, he tells RFE/RL, it would take a long time before every aspect of such a court is agreed upon by the participating countries. The court will have jurisdiction over crimes such as genocide, torture and mass rapes and executions only in the treaty's member countries. (Golnaz Esfandiari) * Human rights organizations in France protested the capital punishment requested by the US for Zakaria Mussavi, accused of membership in the September 11 terrorist attacks on WTC and Pentagon. (Jean Khakzad, Paris) * Reforming its civil code to meet EU membership conditions, Turkey makes it harder for the government to close political parties, says Husnu Udal, director of the Turkish Society for Defense of Human Rights. He tells RFE/RL that the new law would make torturers financially responsible for any damages the Turkish government may be forced to pay as a result of legal action by the EU human rights court. The two ruling parties in Turkey disagree on Kurdish language broadcasting in Turkey's Kurdish areas, he adds. (Jamshid Zand) * Kurdish Workers Party of Turkey (PKK) announces new peaceful strategy and lawful method. A party member tells RFE/RL that after September 11, PKK no longer wants to be associated with terrorism and violence. (Golnaz Esfandiari) * Twenty insurgent asylum seekers flee the Woomera detention center in southern Australia. (Jamshid Adili, Sydney) * Jacques Chirac and Lionel Jospin run head to head in the French Presidential elections. (Jean Khakzad, Paris) * Storms bring tons of dust and sand into people's homes in Beijing. (Shahram Tehrani, Beijing) ARTS AND IDEAS Travels to Iran * British officer William Franklin who visited central Iran in the 18th Century writes about the country's mood after the fall of the Karimkhan Zand. (Nazi Azima, based on research by Javad Tabatabi) The Life and Work of Abdulhossein Zarinkub, Author, Scholar * His wife, a student of his, three of his former colleagues and friends, all prominent poets and writers, talk about the life and work of Abdolhossein Zarinkub, who died two years ago in RFE/RL's series celebrating recently departed Iranian poets, artists and scholars. (Nazi Azima)

دكتر سعيد محمودي، استاد روابط بين الملل در سوئد در مصاحبه با راديوآزادي مي گويد حمايت كنفرانس سران عرب از موضع امارات متحده عربي در باره جزاير سه گانه تنب و ابوموسي در خليج فارس به اين خاطر اين است كه اين ادعا از نظر سياسي به جاي خودش باقي بماند و ايران هم مانند هميشه با عكس العمل سياسي بر عدم وجود مبناي تاريخي و حقوق بين المللي براي اين ادعا تاكيد ورزيد. وي مي گويد پيشنهاد امارات متحده و ساير اعراب مبني بر مراجعه به دادگاه بين المللي لاهه با مخالفت حكومت ايران روبرو شده است زيرا صرفنظر از اينكه از نظر حقوقي حق با ايران است، معمولا كشورها حاضر نمي شوند سرنوشت حاكميت بر بخشي از سرزمين خود را به يك دادگاه محول كنند و آن را صرفا از طريق ديپلماتيك قابل حل مي دانند. وي مي گويد ايران و امارات متحده تحقيقات دامنه داري براي اثبات حاكميت خود بر اين جزاير آغاز كرده اند از جمله امارات سرمايه زيادي در انگلستان براي اين كار هزينه كرده است با اين حال دلايل محكمه پسند ايران از دلايل امارات قوي تر است. در مورد مشابهي در آمريكايي جنوبي بين گواتمالا و بليز مشكل مشابهي پيش آمد و چون گواتمالا حاضر نبود به دادگاه بين المللي برود كشور بليز چهارحقوقدان برجسته بين المللي را انتخاب كرد و از آنها اظهارنظرخواست. اين چهارنفر حق را به بليز دادند و احتمالا به نفع ايران نيست اگر امارات متحده از چهارنفر حقوقدانان داوري بخواهد.

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