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دو هفته پس از مرگ دختران دانش آموز در حادثه قايقراني پارك شهر، پرونده همچنان مبهم است

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Summary of Today's BroadcastRFE/RL Persian ServiceMonday, May 20, 2002 - Mystery of the drowned man - Saudi Arabia to hire Iranian doctors and other professionals - Aliyev meets Khamenei - Private water distribution company threatens dissatisfied customers - Court bans Persian translation of Moroccan feminist's book - Iranian films and filmmakers at Cannes Questions Continue about Park Boating Accident * Two weeks after six schoolgirls drowned in the lake of Park-i Shahr, in the center of Tehran, the Iranian press has raised concerns about the slow procedure of investigation. Jam-i Jam, a best selling Tehran daily, has openly accused officials of being unable to identify the body of a man that was recovered from the depth of the lake in the park. Some say that the body might belong to an addict who drowned days before the accident, rather than to the boat's skipper, who they say fled. Officials have reacted to these allegations only vaguely, saying they are waiting for more forensic reports. (Alireza Taheri) Saudi Arabia to Hire Iranian Doctors and other Professionals * In a meeting at Riyadh with his Iranian counterpart, Saudi Arabia's labor minister expressed his country's willingness to employ Iranian physicians and other skilled professionals. At present only 1000 Iranians work in Saudi Arabia, mainly in Persian restaurants and shops. Meanwhile, Defense minister Ali Shamkhani is visiting Kuwait. (Jamshid Chalangi, Cairo) Azerbaijan's Aliyev Meets Khamenei * The diplomatic platitudes exchanged in Tehran between the visiting President Heydar Aliyev of Azerbaijan and his hosts, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Mohammad Khatami, shed little light on whether the visit is helping to resolve the differences between the two neighboring countries. But it appears that the two sides stuck to their previous positions on the Caspian Sea oil fields. Ayatollah Khamenei implicitly criticized what he saw as US opposition to a resolution of the Caspian Sea dispute in Iran's favor, but Aliyev avoided discussing foreign powers. He also avoided mentioning his country's plan to join NATO. Despite their dispute over the Caspian, Azerbaijan and Iran agreed on several joint economic projects, including a north-south rail link between Russia and the Persian Gulf port of Bandar Abbas through Azerbaijan, and a highway linking Baku and the Iranian port of Astara on the Caspian. With $350 million in annual trade, Iran is Azerbaijan's fourth largest trading partner, but the figure is small considering the two countries' potentials. (Alireza Taheri) Private Water Distribution Company Threatens to Kill Dissatisfied Customers * Customers of a private local water distribution company in a suburb of Karaj say they received death threats after complaining to authorities about disruption of service and the poor quality of the water. The residents staged a protest this morning in front of the Karaj district governor's office. A town resident tells RFE/RL that the company cut off the town's water for three weeks for a second time this year. Residents, she says, want their town to be linked to the Karaj water distribution system. Another resident tells RFE/RL that the local water company cuts off service every year in order to extort extra funds from the residents in the name of improving the well. A man who was gathering signatures on an affidavit about the death threats was beaten by unidentified men who tore up his affidavit, she adds. (Jamshid Zand) Judge Disbars Nationalists' Lawyer for 10 Years and Sentences Him to 5 Months in Jail * Lawyer Mohammad-Ali Dadkhah, who defended some of the members of the nationalist opposition Freedom Movement of Iran (FMI), was himself sentenced to five months in jail and 10 years ban from practicing law for "spreading lies." Dadkhah tells RFE/RL that the sentence, which was appealed, will not prevent him from trying to defend FMI leader Ebrahim Yazdi in his upcoming trial. Dadkhah also says that FMI members who are free on bail are to appear in court this Wednesday in order to receive their sentences. (Amir-Mosaddegh Katouzian) Press Court Bans the Moroccan Islamic Feminist's Book * The Tehran press court yesterday banned a Persian translation of "The Veil and the Male Elite," a book on women's rights in Islam written by the feminist Moroccan Islamic scholar Fatima Mernissi. Unsold copies were ordered to be collected from bookstores, and the court initiated a criminal prosecution against the book's publisher, Nashr-e Ney. Mernissi, who studied Islamic law in Rabat and sociology at the Sorbonne, maintains that the existing notions of women's rights in Islam were formed by men based on a selective reading of Islamic tradition and law, and that a feministic interpretation of the Prophet's views on women's rights could be as valid. Tehran-based journalist Shadi Sadr tells RFE/RL that the prosecution of the book's publisher is illegal since the banned book had already received permission from the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance. (Mehdi Khalaji) Journalist Pourzand's Wife Protests Lack of Investigation by the Majles * Washington-based lawyer Mehrangiz Kar, wife of the jailed veteran journalist Siamak Pourzand, tells RFE/RL that in an open letter published today, she complains to the Majles investigative committee about the committee's lack of response to her previous complaints about the circumstances of her husband's abduction and closed-door trial. (Amir-Mosaddegh Katouzian) Iranian Films and Filmmakers at Cannes Bahman Qobadi, director of the new movie Songs of My Motherland, scheduled to compete for the Palm d'Ore, tells RFE/RL that Iranian films and directors have a strong presence in this year's festival. (Jean Khakzad, Paris) WORLD * Twenty Palestinian Authority cabinet ministers resigned, protesting Arafat's refusal to hold elections. (Jamshid Chalangi, Cairo) * Iranian-born British reporter Hazhir Teymourian tells RFE/RL that even though Fianna Fail party under prime minister Bertie Ahern has managed a growth of 7% to 9% in Ireland's economy, the election results point to a move to the right. (Shahran Tabari, London) * More than 10,000 security officers will be at hand in Germany to control the anti-US protests during President Bush's upcoming visit. Chancellor Schroeder says political rallies are an integral part of the German political culture and democracy. (Shahram Mirian, Cologne) * For the first time since the occupation of Afghanistan by the Soviet army, marshal law was declared in Kandahar. (Fariba Mavedat) * UNSG Kofi Anan and former President Jimmy Carter attend celebrations for East Timor's independence. (Shahran Tabari, London) * Rejecting the UN anti-torture commission's criticism of the Islamic punishments, Saudi Arabia's justice minister calls for the formation of an Islamic commission on human rights. (Farideh Rahbar, Cairo) * FBI warns about possible al-Qaeda terrorist attacks within the US. (Jean Khakzad, Paris) * Tests begin in Pakistan to confirm the identity of a corpse thought to belong to Daniel Pearl, killed by Muslim extremists four months ago. (Fariba Mavedat) * A Bahraini security officer accused of torturing political prisoners leaves the country. (Farideh Rahbar, Cairo) ARTS AND IDEAS New Political Thought in Contemporary Iran * As an introduction to the series' new topic, Haji Baba-ye Esfahani, Persian translation of a James Morier novel, Paris-based scholar Javad Tabatabai reviews the life and times of the book's translator, Mirza Habib Esfahani. (Nazi Azima) History of the European Renaissance: Blossoming of Political Thought in Europe * In the series on the aftermath of the Renaissance, Tehran-based political science professor discusses the ideas of John Locke. (Nazi Azima) Interview of the Week * In an interview with RFE/RL, filmmaker Bahman Qobadi, whose latest work about Kurdistan, "Songs of My Homeland," is one of the three Iranian films selected for this year's Cannes film festival, talks to RFE/RL's Paris correspondent about obstacles of filmmaking in Iran and the strong presence of Iranian cinema at Cannes. (Jean Khakzad, Paris) Classic Love Stories * Sadredin Elahi continues his recitation of the story of Khosrow va Shirin based on Nezami Ganjavi's work. World of Music * Weekly program on classical, Iranian and pop music narrated by RFE/RL's music critic Mahmud Khoshnam. بيشتر روزنامه ها ايران، به دنبال چند روز پرداخت پر احساس به حادثه مرگبار در پارك شهر تهران، اين حادثه را همانند حوادث مشابهش، ناگهان تقريبا بدس فراموشي سپردند. اما در اين ميان، تنها روزنامه جام جم با جديتي دور از انتظار، اين حادثه را همچنان پي گيري مي كند. روزنامه جام جم - كه بروايتي هم اكنون از "همشهري" پيشي گرفته و پر فروش ترين روزنامه ايران است - در پي گيري هاي خود در اين زمينه، براي نخستين بار از زبان يك مسئول آگاه نوشت: " جنازه مرد مجهول الهويه اي كه از درياچه پارك شهر بيرون آورده شد، به اكبرسياه فخرآبادي قايقران روز حادثه تعلق ندارد." روابط عمومي سازمان پزشكي قانوني در پاسخ جام جم نوشت: "با توجه به اعلام تالار تشريح اين سازمان، روز چهاردهم ارديبهشت جاري، جسد مرد ناشناس ارسالي از بيمارستان سينا كه طي حادثه اسفبار پارك شهر فوت كرده بود، مورد شناسايي قرار گرفت كه مشخصات وي اكبرسياه فخرآبادي فرزند ابوالفضل، اعلام شد. جسد نيز بعد از معاينات لازم و صدور جواز دفن به علت فوت بر اثر غرق شدن، در همان تاريخ تحويل بستگان او گرديد." اما اين پاسخ خبرنگار پي گير و كنجكاو جام جم را خرسند نكرد. جام جم از سازمان پزشكي قانوني پرسيد: "اگر جسد با عنوان ناشناس از بيمارستان سينا به پزشكي قانوني تحويل داده شده باشد، شما چگونه و از كجا هويت او را مشخص ساختيد؟ آيا صرف اين كه خانواده اكبر سياه فخرآبادي جنازه او را تحويل گرفته اند، مي توان گفت كه جسد صد در صد متعلق به اكبرسياه فخرآبادي است؟" جام جم اما به طرح همين سوال بسنده نمي كند و يكسره به سراغ جواد اسماعيلي، قاضي مسئول رسيدگي به پرونده حادثه پارك شهر مي رود و صريحا از او مي پرسد: "آيا هويت جسد مورد نظر مشخص شده است؟" قاضي جواد اسماعيلي پاسخ مي دهد: "مراحل اوليه بررسي هويت جسد كشف شده نشان داد كه اين جسد از آن اكبرسياه فخرآبادي است، اما شبهاتي وجود دارد كه براي رفع آن دستور صادر شد تا تمام اوراق هويتي، كارت افتتاح حساب و معرف او احضار و خانواده اين فرد شناسايي شوند." همه اين ابهامات، بيش از هر چيز، نشان دهنده كندي قوه قضاييه در رسيدگي به اين پرونده اي است كه در ايران چندين روز چشم هارا اشكبار كرد. روز شنبه دو هفته پيش، پدران و مادران شاگردان مدرسه دختران طه 2 شهر ري، فرزندان خود را به اين اميد كه به گردشي علمي-تفريحي مي روند، روانه مدرسه كردند. اين دختران را قرار بود به موزه ببرند كه بردند. اما با رسيدن گروهي از ميهمانان خارجي، به دختران مدرسه طه 2 شهر ري اجازه ندادند بيشتر در موزه بمانند. سرپرستان اين دختران دانش آموز نيز براي آن كه وقت به بطالت نگذرد، شاگردان ده-اند ساله را به پارك شهر مي برند. هوا در پارك شهر باراني است. رعد و برق گوشخراش و خيره كننده چشمهاست. اما اين هم مانع از ميل دختران به قايق سواري نمي شود.هيچ كس به نا امني اين قايق سواري توجهي ندارد. هيچكس توجهي ندارد كه با قايق فرسوده پارك شهر، قايق سواري حتي در روز هاي خوش آفتابي هم خطرناك است. با اين هال چهارده دختر دانش آموز سوار بر قايقي مي شوند كه حد اكثر ظرفيت آن شش مسافر و يك قايقران است. در واقع، همه چيز براي بروز يك حادثه مرگبار آماده بود. حادثه خبر كرده بود اما گوش ها نمي شنيد. در اين حادثه شش دختر تين ايجر(ده-اند ساله) و احتمالا خود قايقران غرق شدند. مادران چشم براه اين شش دختر براي هميشه داغدار شدند. حادثه چنان بزرگ بود كه رييس جمهوري ايران هم پيام تسليت فرستاد و اكيدا دستور داد كه قضيه پي گيري شود. اكنون، بيش از دو هفته پس از اين حادثه مرگبار، رسيدگي به پرونده آن همچنان در گرو نظر هاي كارشناسانه است. از سوي ديگر، روزنامه هاي ايران هنوز علاقه اي نشان نداده اند تا با گزارش هاي پرسشگرانه به سراغ جا هايي بروند كه خطر تجديد چنين حادثه هاي مرگباري در آن ها وجود دارد. بي گمان، در پي حادثه پارك شهر، پدران و مادران ايراني مي خواهند بدانند كه اگر فرضا فرزندان خود را به پارك ارم (پارك خرم سابق) بفرستند، قايق هاي درياچه اين پارك ايمني كافي دارند، آيا دست كم چوب پنبه نا قابل در دسترس هست تا اگر كسي در آب افتاد، به آن چنگ بزند؟ پدران و مادران ايراني بي گمان مي خواهند بدانند كه پس از حادثه مرگبار در پارك شهر تهران، ضريب هاي امنيتي در مكان هاي مشابه تا چه اندازه بالا برده شده است، اگر بالا برده شده باشد.

در حاليكه دو هفته از مرگ شش دختر دانش آموز و فرد ناشناسي در حادثه قايقراني بر استخر پارك شهر تهران مي گذرد، بر ابهام حادثه افزوده مي شود زيرا روزنامه ارگان سازمان راديوتلويزيون جمهوري اسلامي در هويت جسد ناشناسي كه متعلق به قايقران دانسته مي شد، ترديد ابراز كرد. براي مطالعه متن كامل گزارش راديوآزادي در باره پيامد اين حادثه، دگمه متن فارسي را كليك بزنيد.

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