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Summary of Today's BroadcastRFE/RL Persian ServiceTuesday, May 28, 2002 - Supreme Leader calls MPs to unity - Organized demonstrations in Qom - Iran's dual government puzzles Europe - Impact of economic treaty with EU on the reform movement - Murderers of political activists get 10 years in jail - Government's control of labor councils Supreme Leader Calls MPs to Unity * A week after accusing advocates of US-Iran talks of stupidity, treason and dishonor, the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei told MPs in a meeting last night that unity means avoiding tensions and insults. The Leader's congenial tone may help reduce conservatives' pressures on the MPs, especially since he also said the Majles "must not be weakened." Since the Tehran judiciary banned any public discussion of US-Iran relations, reformist advocates of the talks have for now stopped pursuing the matter. (Siavash Ardalan) Organized Demonstrations in Qom Hide Dissent * Tehran's official media reported that 4000 demonstrated in Qom's Feizieh seminary against advocates of US-Iran talks. The conservative faction claims the support of all seminary teachers and students, but some political analysts see the official demonstrations as an effort to hide the spread of dissent among seminarians that are critical of the regime and its religious legitimacy. (Mehdi Khalaji) Washington Post: Dual Government and Pourzand's Possible Execution * European governments ask with which of the dual governments in Iran they should talk, the elected Khatami government or the unelected Khamenei's government, writes the Washington Post. Khatami's government could not prevent the closing of more than 60 reformist newspapers and the jailing of journalists and pro-reform student activists, and it does not even know the holding place of the veteran journalist Siamak Pourzand, who is in danger of being executed, adds the Post. (Fariba Mavedat) EU's Deal with Iran Aids Conservatives * The EU's proposed economic cooperation treaty with Iran will boost conservatives in their conflict with reformists, according to Michael Rubin whose Op-Ed piece appears in today's Wall Street Journal. (Siavash Ardalan) Military Court Withdraws Serial Murderers' Death Sentence * A bench of theTehran Military Court Monday withdrew the death sentences on two charged with murdering nationalist political activists Dariush and Parvaneh Foruhar in 1999. Claiming that the victims' families have pardoned the killers, the court sentenced the two intelligence ministry agents to 10 years in jail. Tehran-based lawyer and human rights activist Naser Zarafshan, who represented the families of some of the murders' victims, says Parastu Foruhar, the victims' daughter, has not legally relinquished the family's right under Islamic law to seek the death penalty for the killers. He tells RFE/RL that the military court has made that assumption based on a speech in which she denounced capital punishment in general. Victims' families were critical of the court procedure from the beginning of the trial, because it did not result in the conviction of the serial murders' masterminds. Zarafshan was sentenced to five years in jail for discussing the court procedures in the press. (Alireza Taheri) Workers' Strikes and Government's Control of Labor Councils * The government interferes in the elections of labor representatives by disqualifying the most active candidates, says Parviz Ahmadi, a manager of the Tehran association of Islamic Labor Councils. He tells RFE/RL that mismanagement of a majority of Iran's factories is the root cause of the labor problems. Workers in many textile factories owned by the foundation of the dispossessed (Bonyad-e Mostazefan) have gone on strike or staged street demonstrations to protest months of no pay, layoffs and production cuts in their factories. Ahmadi says the Jamco textiles' workers who have not been paid at all for the past 16 months are being supported by the Islamic Labor Councils' emergency assistance fund. (Fereydoun Zarnegar) Canadian Oil Company to Boost Production in Masjid Soleiman Fields * Sheer Energy, Inc. of Canada signed an $80 million deal with the National Iranian Oil Company yesterday to boost production at Iran's 100-year-old Masjed Soleiman oil fields from the present 5000 bpd to 25,000 in four years. The deal, small by oil deal measures, is Iran's first oil deal with a foreign company since September 11. (Siavash Ardalan) Iran to Sell Eurobonds * For the first time since the 1979 revolution, Iran will sell bonds to raise 300 million to 500 million euros. The central bank sees Iran's $5.4 billion positive balance of payments and $7.8 billion foreign currency reserves as indications of the country's creditworthiness, and a good opportunity for selling debt papers. Entering the euro bond market also presents a political challenge for the regime, which is accused by the US of supporting terrorism. (Fereydoun Khavand, Paris) Conference Measures Tehran's Vulnerability to Earthquakes * Tehran stands to lose 16 percent of its population in an earthquake, along with 30 percent of all its buildings, according to a study conducted with the help of Japan's earthquake agency by two Iranian engineers. The study, presented today in the earthquake conference in Tehran, finds the city ill prepared for a major earthquake. (Jamshid Zand) Los Angeles Dancer Was Arrested in Iran * Los Angeles-based popular dancer and aerobic instructor Mohammad Khordadian was arrested in Tehran three weeks ago when he went to airport to fly back to the US after visiting his relatives. His dance shows on California-based Iranian TV channels can be seen in Iran via satellite and his dance videos are popular in Tehran's video black market. But his popularity in Iran has no financial reward. His family is scrambling to raise his bail, set at 100 million rials or $12,500. (Alireza Taheri) Ancient Persepolis Ruins Face Destruction * Acid rains and pollutants from highway traffic and petrochemical factories threaten the 2500-year-old Persepolis ruins, writes the Associated Press. (Fariba Mavedat) RFE/RL's Exclusive Interview with Lawyer Mehrangiz Kar * In an exclusive interview with RFE/RL, lawyer and human rights activist Mehrangiz Kar talks about her husband, jailed veteran journalist Siamak Pourzand, 72, who was sentenced to 11 years in prison on charges of spying for foreigners. (Fahimeh Barati, Los Angeles) WORLD * Russia signs treaty with NATO during a ceremony in Rome attended by the US President. (Ahmad Ra'fat, Rome) * Pakistan's Parviz Musharraf said in a TV address that Pakistan would defend itself against India. India's ambassador in Britain said this is not an India-Pakistan conflict, but a fight against international terrorism. Pakistan's ambassador in London said Pakistan does not allow terrorist activities. (Shahran Tabari, London) * Two Israelis die in another suicide bomb attack near Tel Aviv. Arafat said he will announce his new cabinet appointments within 10 days. (Jamshid Chalangi, Cairo) * The Bush Administration will avoid suggesting specific conditions for Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, writes the Washington Post. (Homayoun Majd, Washington) * German foreign minister plans to discuss his seven-point peace plan during his upcoming four-day visit to the Middle East. (Shahram Mirian, Cologne) * Russia suggests establishing a Caspian Sea parliamentary association without the Iran and Turkmenistan. (Mani Kasravi, Moscow) * A delegation of Iraqi government diplomatic and religious authorities visits Saudi Arabia to discuss boosting ties. (Farideh Rahbar, Cairo) * Berbers in Algeria boycott next week's election and go on a five-day strike. (Farideh Rahbar, Cairo) * Police prevent anti-Aliyev demonstrations in Baku, Azerbaijan. (Mani Kasravi, Moscow) ARTS AND IDEAS NASA Finds Water under Mars's Surface * NASA scientists now believe that huge concentration of frozen hydrogen on Mars poles point to underground water reservoirs on the red planet, says Mohammad Heydari-Malayeri, Paris observatory's astronomer in an interview with RFE/RL about discoveries made possible to NASA's new Mars Odyssey. (Mina Baharmast) Soccer World Cup in South Korea and Japan * RFE/RL's soccer commentator reports from Seoul, South Korea on the preparations for the soccer World Cup games. (Mehrdad Masudi, Seoul) Romania Plans Theme Park at Dracula's Birthplace * Transylvania, the mountainous region of Romania known as the birthplace of Dracula plans to build a $32 million theme park with horror dungeons and restaurants that serve blood-colored drinks. (Alireza Taheri) Love Stories of the Shahnameh: Rostam and Tahmineh * Sadredin Elahi continues his recitation of the Rostam and Tahmineh love story based on Ferdowsi's epic the Shahnameh. (with Fahimeh Barati) Week Book Review * RFE/RL's Tehran-based book critic Kamran Fani reviews four new books published recently in Tehran. These include a book of short stories by Zoya Pirzad, a book of poetry by Mahmud Motazedi and the seventh volume of an encyclopedia for children. (Kamran Fani, Tehran) Poetry Reading * RFE/RL's editor Iraj Gorgin and the late contemporary poet Nader Naderpour read the poetry of Fereydoun Tavalali on the 32nd anniversary of his death. Classic Love Stories: Khosrow va Shirin * Sadredin Elahi continues his recitation of the Khosrow va Shirin story based on Nezami Ganjavi. World of Music * RFE/RL's music critic Mahmud Khoshnam begins today's program with a musical biography of Sergei Rakhmaninov. (Mahmud Khoshnam)

آيت الله خامنه اي، رهبر جمهوري اسلامي، كه هفته گذشته هواداران بحث مذاكره با آمريكا را به حماقت، خيانت و بي غيرتي متهم كرد، امروز صبح در ديداري با نمايندگان مجلس گفت: وفاق يعني پرهيز از تشنج و اهانت. به گفته ناظران، گفتگوي آشتي جويانه امروز رهبر جمهوري اسلامي با نمايندگان مجلس، شايد از بار فشارهائي كه از سوي محافظه كاران به مجلس وارد شده است، بكاهد، به ويژه كه وي اعلام كرد مجلس نبايد تضعيف شود. در پي انتشار بيانيه دادگستري تهران كه بحث مذاكره با آمريكا را جرم قلمداد كرد، اصلاح طلبان هوادار مذاكره با آمريكا و همچنين اصلاح طلبان هوادار بحث در باره مذاكره با آمريكا، فعلا از دنبال كردن قضييه خودداري كرده اند.

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