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REGION: Conservatives Push Iran towards Confrontation with Persian Gulf States, Columnist Says

After the takeover of the Majles in last February's elections, which made the conservatives the unopposed power in Iran's domestic politics, they are expected to press for the goal of exporting the Khomeinist ideology, a policy that will push Iran to confrontation not only with the US but also with the Persian Gulf Arab states, international columnist Amir Taheri tells Radio Farda July 25, 2004 - “After the election of a conservative majority to the Majles, a radical group has now taken hold of all levers of power in Iran, with the goal of exporting the Khomeinist ideology, and this policy will undoubtedly push Iran to confrontation not only with the US, but also with regional powers,” veteran journalist and internationally syndicated Middle East columnist Amir Taheri tells Radio Farda’s London correspondent Shahran Tabari. “This group does not understand the realities of today's world, and I think, if they manage to win the Islamic Republic presidency in the upcoming election, Iran’s position in the world would become more critical,” he adds. “Before the Majles elections, when the Majles was controlled by moderate forces, there was at least the possibility for a discussion within the regime, which could somehow prevent some radical policies from being implemented,” he adds. “There are four possible ways, or four answers, to the question of ‘what to do with Iran,’” Taheri says. “First answer is to do nothing. Often when there is no suitable course of action, the best thing to do is nothing at all. “The second solution, the policy of embargoes and sanctions and isolation, has been in effect for many years, and has only resuled in more suffering for the Iranian people. “The third solution is to establish a dialogue and engage the Islamic Republic, for the purpose of détente and to find common grounds, with the goal of bringing the Islamic Republic gradually towards the mainstream of the today’s political world. “The fourth solution is of course confrontation, which can be with a mix of diplomatic and military means,” Taheri says. “Which of these four solutions will be adopted in the future depends on the Islamic Republic’s behavior in the next few months,” he adds.