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یکشنبه ۲ مهر ۱۳۹۶ تهران ۱۲:۳۸

Iran’s National Security Chief: Suspension of Uranium Enrichment is Limited to the Negotiation Period

In his meeting with the European foreign ministers in Brussels Hassan Rohani, Iran’s national security chief and chief negotiator on nuclear issues said the suspension of uranium enrichment is only limited to the period of negotiations. The new round of talks between Iran and Europe is different from the former one he said. He continued his remarks by saying; while during previous negotiations Iran concentrated on issues related to IAEA’s resolutions, this time the aim is to build up mutual trust between Iran and Europe and work towards establishing the foundations of a strong relationship between the two. Rohani spoke of what he called Iran’s ‘Red-Lines’. (In Islamic Republic’s discourse a red line is interpreted as uncompromising aims and objectives.) It seems what he meant was that Iran sets itself certain uncompromising goals. In this phase of negotiations he said Iran’s main aim is to keep the length of the negotiations short. This could be considered the red-line of these negotiations he added. “It was important to tell them (the Europeans) that time is of paramount importance to us. By no means would we wish to buy or kill time. This is what the tree ministers (EU3 Foreign ministers) have also emphasised in their speeches. We are after accelerating the pace of talks and are very serious in this respect.” Said Hassan Rohani. Upon his return from Brussels Rohani repeated what he had said there and told reporters at Tehran airport that the negotiations with Europeans was not related to suspension of uranium enrichment. That is a matter resolved by the Paris agreement and the suspension is only limited to the period of negotiations, he