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مشاركت فراگير در تحصن گسترده معلمان كشور، از ديد يك معلم معترض

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Summary of Iran Stories in Today&apos;s BroadcastsBehnam NateghiSaturday, March 06, 2004 <b>Teachers Strike to Protest Low Wages</b> • In protest against the government&apos;s lack of response to continued complaints about their low wages, 15 teachers&apos; trade organizations called for a nation-wide sit-in strike, during which teachers are expected to show up for work, but stay in the principals&apos; offices and refuse to go to classes. Tehrani teacher <b>Ahmad Behrang</b> tells <b>Radio Farda</b> that unlike the previous strike, which was met with media silence and lack of action, this strike appears to have caught on, at least in boys&apos; high schools and boys&apos; middle schools in Tehran. He urges the authorities to respond to the teachers&apos; demands in order for the teachers to end their strike and return to work as soon as possible. The teachers&apos; trade organizations said the strike was planned after they saw that no funds to increase the teachers&apos; salaries were appropriated in the budget bill passed by the Majles for the upcoming fiscal year. The teachers demand pay increases to equal that of other civil employees, and protest against what they call pay discrimination. (Jamshid Zand) • A teacher in Tehran&apos;s fourth educational district tells <b>Radio Farda</b> that word has gone out from Kanoon-e Senfi-ye Mo&apos;aleman, a teachers&apos; trade organization, to schools all over the country, announcing the start of a national-wide one-week teachers&apos; strike. He adds that the strike has been called after the authorities ignored the teachers&apos; demand for higher pay in the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Last month&apos;s three-day strike, he says, was met with a news blackout, and was overshadowed by the reformist MPs&apos; sit-in at the Majles. (Farin Asemi) • Protesting teachers gathered in front of the education ministry&apos;s local offices in 17 cities, including Tehran, Isfahan, Ardabil, Gonaveh and Kermanshah. (Farin Asemi) <b>IAEA&apos;s Criticizes Iran on Nuclear Disclosures in Draft Resolution</b> • On Monday, the International Atomic Energy Agency&apos;s (IAEA) Board of Governors meets to discuss resolutions on Iran and Libya&apos;s previously undeclared nuclear program -- both of which were supplied by a global black market linked to the father of Pakistan&apos;s atom bomb, Abdul Qadeer Khan. In a draft resolution to be considered by IAEA&apos;s board of governors, Iran has been criticized for attempting to hide parts of its nuclear program from the IAEA inspectors, including its access to P2 centrifuge designs, which when built, may be used to produce weapons grade uranium. Originally France, Germany and Britain had promised Iran they would block any resolution in exchange for Tehran&apos;s promise to suspend the enrichment of uranium. The US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia have prepared a draft resolution on Iran that stops short of reporting Tehran to the Council, but draws attention to Iran&apos;s failure to declare potentially weapons-related technology and research in an October dossier it said was full and truthful. Washington accuses Iran of having a secret weapons program, though Tehran denies this. (Bahman Bastani) • The IAEA will give Iran more time and a new opportunity to fully disclose its nuclear programs, reports German daily <i>Die Welt</i>, quoting diplomats in Tehran, who suspected Iran has programs it does not want to disclose. (Shahram Mirian, Cologne) <b>Park Laleh Gathering: Campaign to End Violence against Women</b> • In a gathering on March 8 at the Park Laleh open-air amphitheater near Tehran University, women and men will protest against widespread violence against women in our society, organizer <b>Noushin Ahmadi</b>, member of the Women&apos;s Cultural Center, tells <b>Radio Farda</b>. We announced our “campaign to end violence against women” last September, and have so far held several workshops on the subject, she adds. We had hoped to organize various groups of men, women, young people and students to work in coordination. Five committees have so far been created, and the Laleh Park gathering next Monday is a result of the coordinated efforts of these five committees, she adds. We have no other tool but communications: the society is not well aware of the violence against women. Our job is to generate awareness, she says. For example, we brought up the subject of domestic rape, about which many people, including the victims, have little awareness. Another issue we have worked on, she goes on, is violent interrogations. We have also worked on the cases of death-row convicts Afsaneh Nowrouzi and Kobra Rahmanpour. (Nazi Azima) • In a three-hour, live online seminar, the www.womeniniran.com website will feature speeches on the impact of recent political developments on the women&apos;s rights movement. In its announcement the website has asked the speakers joining the seminar from abroad to be careful in wording their speeches in accordance with the limitations on speech faces by women inside Iran. (Leyli Arman) <b>Jailed Veteran Journalist Refuses Freedom on Bail</b> • Jailed veteran journalist Siamak Pourzand refused release on bail and said he prefers to stay in jail for the rest of his 11-year sentence, reported state-run “students” news agency ISNA, quoting Pourzand&apos;s lawyer Dalir Daryabeigi. My brother said so because the judiciary did not return the permits of the merchants who previously set up bail for him, Pourzand&apos;s Paris-based brother <b>Lohrasb Pourzand</b> tells <b>Radio Farda</b>. Furthermore, he adds, Daryabeibi is not my brother&apos;s lawyer, he is the lawyer appointed for him by the court, after the court refused Pourzand&apos;s own lawyer. Since Pourzand is sentenced to jail, he cannot legally be released on bail, Tehran-based lawyer <b>Mohammad-Hossein Aghasi</b> tells <b>Radio Farda</b>. However, he may be eligible for furlough, by putting up bail, he adds. (Nazi Azima) <b>Earthquake Survivors Riot in Anger over Slow Relief Work</b> • The demonstrators, some 80 percent of Bam&apos;s surviving residents, angry with their living conditions two months after the Bam earthquake, set fire to police and security forces&apos; temporary offices, as well as several government vehicles, and clashed with security forces. Local journalist <b>Koroush Aryan</b> tells <b>Radio Farda</b> that most demonstrators were local people concerned with their living conditions, particularly the extreme heat under their inappropriate tents. Normal life has not returned to the city, he adds, even though in most parts of the city water flows in pipes, shops have opened here and there, and government employees have begun working in make-shift offices, he adds. (Farin Asemi) <b>Bar Association Elections</b> • The judiciary banned several prominent lawyers from standing in last Friday&apos;s bar associations&apos; elections. In the elections for 12 members of the bar associations&apos; board of directors 63 announced their candidacy, but the disciplinary court for the judges rejected candidacies of five, including lawyer and human rights advocate <b>Mohammad Ali Dadkhah</b>, who tells <b>Radio Farda</b> that the court alleged that he was a member of the nationalist opposition party the Freedom Movement of Iran (FMI), he adds, only because some of the party members have been among his many clients. (Amir-Mosaddegh Katouzian) <b>New Kurdish-Persian Newspaper</b> • A 16-page weekly bi-lingual newspaper began publication today serving the Kurdistan province, announced editor Bahram Valadbeigi in an interview with the official news agency IRNA. (Baktash Khamsehpour) <b>Singapore Clears Surgeons over Conjoined Twins&apos; Death</b> • A Singapore inquest has cleared an international team of doctors of any responsibility for the deaths of Iranian adult twins joined at the head, who died during separation surgery last year. Coroner Malcolm Tan says the doctors -- led by Singapore neurosurgeon Keith Goh -- carried out extensive preparation ahead of the July 2003 surgery, and had considered all ethical and religious concerns. (Amir-Mosaddegh Katouzian) . نازي عظيما (راديو فردا): به دعوت كانون صنفي معلمان ايران و پانزده تشكل صنفي معلمان در تهران و شهرستانها از امروز صبح تحصني يك هفته اي در تعدادي از مدارس راهنمايي و دبيرستانهاي پسرانه در تهران و شهرستانها آغاز شد. به همين دليل تعدادي از مدارس در تهران و چند شهرستان نيز تعطيل بود. جمشيد زند (راديو فردا): صبح امروز شماري از مدارس راهنمايي و دبيرستانهاي پسرانه دولتي در تهران و چندين شهر بزرگ تهران در اعتراض به عدم برآورده شدن خواسته هايشان، تحصن يك هفته اي خود را آغاز كردند. در تهران معلمان اكثر مدارس به فراخوان شانزده تشكل صنفي معلمان پاسخ مثبت داده و در كلاسهاي درس حاضر نشدند. تحصن معلمان در مناطق 4 و 9 تهران فراگيرتر از ساير مناطق گزارش شده است. امروز در تهران اكثر مدارس راهنمايي و دبيرستانهاي پسرانه به حالت تعطيل درآمده اند. احمد بهرنگ، يكي از فرهنگيان شركت كننده در حركت اعتراضي امروز، در گفتگويي با راديو فردا درباره آغاز تحصن يك هفته اي فرهنگيان در تهران چنين مي گويد: احمد بهرنگ: از امروز تحصن معلمان در اكثر دبيرستانهاي پسرانه و راهنماييهاي پسرانه در مناطق مختلف شهر تهران شكل گرفت كه با توجه به اين كه در سه روز تحصن ديماه يك مقدار استقبال كمتر بود، ولي در اين تحصن روز شنبه كه امروز باشد، تحصن آنطور كه به نظر مي رسيد، خيلي فراگير بود. حتي در تحصنهاي قبلي، مدارس راهنمايي شركت نكرده بودند، ولي امروز كه شروع تحصن دور دوم بود، اكثرا مدارس راهنمايي مناطق مختلف هم شركت كرده بود. البته لازم است كه ما در روزهاي بعدي هم ببينيم كه اين حركت به چه شكل ادامه خواهد داشت. امروز كه در حقيقت مي توان گفت استقبال خيلي بيشتر از دور قبلي بود. اگر دولت يا مقامات مسئول هرچه سريعتر يعني امروز يا فردا به اين خواسته ها جواب دهند، احتمال اينكه معلمان دست از تحصن بكشند، خيلي زياد است، منتها تا حال كه توجهي نشده، ولي انتظار مي رود براي اينكه اين تحصن كه خود معلمان هم به علت اين كه دانش آموزان افت تحصيلي برايشان پيش مي آيد، آقايان مسئولين هرچه سريعتر به خواسته هاي معلمان جواب دهند و صريحا اعلام كنند كه در بودجه 83 اين خواست بر حق معلمان اعمال مي شود. ج . ز : در كرمانشاه نيز صبح امروز تعداد زيادي از كلاسهاي درس در دبيرستانها به علت تحصن معلمان تعطيل شد و گروهي از فرهنگيان كرمانشاه در مقابل اداره آموزش و پرورش اين شهر تجمع كردند. در كرج معلمان تعدادي از دبيرستانها به مدت يك ساعت در كلاسهاي درس حاضر نشدند و با وساطت مديران مدارس، فرهنگيان معترض قبول كردند كه به كار خود ادامه دهند. در اصفهان نيز گروهي از فرهنگيان مدارس راهنمايي و دبيرستانها به جمع تحصن كنندگان در تهران و ساير شهرستانها پيوستند. به گزارش خبرگزاري رسمي جمهوري اسلامي ، در گناوه و اردبيل هم گردهماييهايي در مقابل دفاتر آموزش و پرورش اين شهرها برگزار شده است. تحصن فرهنگيان كشور صبح امروز در تهران و شماري از شهرهاي بزرگ به دعوت كانون صنفي معلمان ايران و پانزده تشكل صنفي فرهنگيان ايران آغاز شد و به مدت يك هفته ادامه خواهد يافت. فرهنگيان در اين مدت در سر كلاسهاي درس حاضر نخواهند شد و در دفاتر مدارس به تحصن خود ادامه مي دهند. صادركنندگان فراخوان تحصن، عدم پاسخگويي مسئولان به خواسته هاي معلمان را علت برگزاري اين حركت اعتراضي اعلام كرده اند. به گفته فرهنگيان معترض در بودجه سال 83 هيچ حقوقي در ارتباط با نظام هماهنگ پرداخت براي معلمان در نظر گرفته نشده است. شماري از فرهنگيان تاكيد كرده اند كه حتي محمد خاتمي، رئيس جمهوري دستور داده بود نظام هماهنگ پرداختها در مورد فرهنگيان كشور برگزار شود و سازمان مديريت و برنامه ريزي نيز خواسته بود اين طرح را براي تصويب به مجلس شوراي اسلامي بفرستد، ولي در بودجه سال 83 اشاره اي به اين موضوع نشده است. به گفته معلمان بخشي از حقوق معوقه معلمان هم هنوز پرداخت نشده است. فرهنگيان معترض اعلام كرده اند كه تجمع و تحصن آنها صنفي است و پس از دريافت جواب قانع كننده اي از سوي مسئولان به اعتراض خود پايان خواهند داد. تا كنون مقامات دولتي واكنشي در برابر خواسته هاي فرهنگيان و تحصن گروهي از معلمان مدارس راهنمايي و دبيرستانهاي پسرانه در تهران و شهرستانها از خود نشان نداده اند. به دعوت كانون صنفي معلمان ايران و پانزده تشكل صنفي، شماري از مدارس راهنمايي و دبيرستانهاي پسرانه در تهران و چندين شهر بزرگ در اعتراض به عدم برآورده شدن خواسته هايشان، تحصن يك هفته اي خود را آغاز كردند. فرهنگيان معترض اعلام كردند كه تجمع و تحصن آنها صنفي است و پس از دريافت جواب قانع كننده اي از سوي مسئولان به اعتراض خود پايان خواهند داد. احمد بهرنگ، يكي از فرهنگيان شركت كننده در حركت اعتراضي امروز، در مصاحبه با راديو فردا مي گويد: برخلاف تحصن قبلي اين تحصن خيلي فراگير بود و برخلاف تجمع هاي قبلي اكثر مدارس راهنمايي شركت كرده بود. اگر دولت يا مقامات مسئول هرچه سريعتر به اين خواسته ها جواب دهند، احتمال اينكه معلمان دست از تحصن بكشند، زياد است.