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تحريم 13 شركت خارجي طرف معامله تسليحاتي با جمهوري اسلامي: اظهارات سخنگوي وزارت امورخارجه آمريكا

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Summary of Iran Stories in Today&apos;s BroadcastsBehnam NateghiSunday, April 04, 2004 <b>US Imposes Sanctions on 13 Firms from 7 Countries for Arms Deals with Iran</b> • “Pursuant to the Iran Nonproliferation Act of 2000, the US imposed penalties on 13 companies that engaged in providing prohibited items to Iran. Those companies include five Chinese, two Macedonian, two Russian and one from Belarus, one from North Korea, one from Taiwan, and one from the United Arab Emirates,” US State Department Spokesman Adam Ereli said. The penalties apply to companies, not their respective governments, he added. The companies, he said, had transferred to Iran, since 1999, items with the potential of making a material contribution to Iran&apos;s missile or nuclear programs. Twenty-three companies have been subjected to US sanctions since the law took effect. • In a statement issued in Moscow on Saturday, the Russian foreign ministry criticized the US for censoring two Russian companies. • The United Arab Emirates closed the Dubai-based computer consulting company SMB. The US had accused the company of helping Iran and Libya&apos;s nuclear programs. <b>IAEA Finds More Traces of Enriched Uranium in Iran</b> • The International Atomic Energy Agency&apos;s inspectors found more traces of enriched uranium in Iran at sites other than the two already named – Natanz and Kalaye Electric, where the inspectors last year found traces of uranium that had been enriched to a point where it contained about 90 percent of the fissile uranium atom u-235. Vienna-based sources confirmed that IAEA had discovered uranium traces at other sites, but the UN agency did not comment. Several diplomats said the further discoveries raised the question of whether Tehran has been engaging in more undeclared nuclear activities at sites it has been hiding from the IAEA. • “There is no nuclear centre in Iran which we have hidden from inspectors,” foreign ministry spokesman Hamid-Reza Asefi said on Sunday. . <b>Tehran City Council Treasurer Threatens Germany on Terrorism Plaque</b> • Tehran would unveil a memorial blaming Germany for the death of thousands of Iranian victims of Iraq&apos;s chemical attacks, if Berlin goes on with its plan to hang a plaque commemorating the 1992 deaths of three Kurdish Democratic Party leaders in a shooting at the Mykonos restaurant. The shooting, according to a German court&apos;s verdict, had been ordered by the Supreme Leader, former president Hashemi Rafsanani and former intelligence minister Ali Falahian. Tehran city council treasurer Reza Vaezi Ashtiani, who voiced the threat on Saturday in Tehran, was echoing Tehran mayor Mahmoud Ahmadnezhad&apos;s letter last week to Berlin mayor. A Berlin district mayor said the unveiling of the plaque will take place at the Mykonos restaurant on April 20, as scheduled. Trigger man Kazem Darabi, a former intelligence ministry agent, is serving a life sentence in a Berlin jail for the shooting. (Shirin Famili) <b>Interior Ministry Threatens Afghan Refugees With Deportation</b> • In a statement issued on Saturday, the interior ministry told the Afghan refugees “for the last time” to leave Iran voluntarily. The statement was issued after 56 countries pledged to give $8.2 billion in reconstruction aid to Afghanistan. The interior ministry said the Afghans who overstay their visas will be deported by force. More than 1.5 million Afghans are believed to be living in Iran. <b>Foreign Minister To Attend Caspian Talks In Moscow</b> • Foreign minister Kamal Kharrazi will arrive in Moscow on Monday to attend a conference of foreign ministers of the Caspian Sea littoral states, according the official news agency IRNA. Foreign ministers of Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan will discuss division of the Caspian resources, according to Russian envoy to the talks deputy foreign minister Viktor Kalyuzhni. <b>Conservative Mayor Clashes With Culture Ministry On Book Fair</b> • Citing traffic problems, Tehran&apos;s conservative mayor Mahmoud Ahmadpour offered to split the culture ministry&apos;s annual book fair into two separate locations. Book fair organizer, the publisher&apos;s union, said it would withdraw if, according to the municipal government&apos;s plan, foreign publishers&apos; exhibits were from the Iranians. “The problem is that the book fair is not just an exhibit, but is a very big book store, where readers can find books they do not see in their local bookstores,” publisher <b>Jafar Homai</b>, head of the Tehran-based Nashr-e Ney publishing house, tells <b>Radio Farda</b>. (Nima Tmadon) <b>Domestic Repression, International Reconciliation</b> • Repression goes on while Iran seeks friendship with the West, London daily the <i>Observer</i>&apos;s Dan De Luce reports from Tehran, in an article about student activist Ahmad Batebi, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for taking part in the July 1998 uprising, after his picture holding up the bloodstained tee-shirt of a fellow demonstrator appeared on the cover of the <i>Economist</i> magazine. <b>Majles Calls for Investigation of Post-Election Violence</b> • The Majles approved several resolutions today, in the first day of business after the two-week New Year holidays, calling for separate investigations into post-election violence in Firouzkouh, Fereydounkenar and several other towns. In a softly toned speech, Majles speaker Mehdi Karrubi said unlike his reformist colleagues, he accepts the elections&apos; results. Reformist MP Mohammed-Reza Tabesh said deliberations on the MPs&apos; resignations have been removed from the Majles agenda to make room for the government&apos;s fourth five-year economic development plan. More than 130 reformist MPs turned in their resignations last February to protest against the Guardians Council&apos;s bans on 2,500 reformist candidates. It appears that the two-week New Year holidays have cooled down the MPs, <b>Radio Farda</b> broadcaster <b>Siavash Ardalan</b> says. <b>Program to Test Teaching English in Elementary Schools</b> • The Tehran educational district will test the teaching of English language to elementary school students. “It is not so good to confuse first-grade students with two languages, Tehran high schools English teacher <b>Mahtab Safari</b> tells <b>Radio Farda</b>. Students have more success in the private English classes, she adds. (Leyli Arman) <b>Judiciary Investigates 1,000 Justice Ministry Workers for Corruption</b> • More than 1,000 justice ministry personnel are being investigated for corruption, judiciary chief Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi-Shahroudi said today during an un-announced visit to a judiciary center in Tehran. A large number of offenders have already been fired or reassigned, he added. <b>Bam Earthquake Victims Live in Tents 3 Months After Earthquake</b> • Three months after the devastating earthquake that killed 26,000 in Bam, the survivors are still living in inadequate tents with limited access to water, representative of Canada&apos;s Red Cross <b>Jose Garcia Lozana</b>, who visited Bam last week, tells <b>Radio Farda</b>. Through the International Red Cross, Canada has provided $2 million in earthquake relief to Bam, he adds. The survivors lack most basic necessities, he adds. It appears that the city&apos;s reconstruction has taken much longer than expected to begin, he says. (Maryam Aghvami, Toronto) • The Bam governor said 2,000 families have been moved to pre-fabricated houses with shower and toilets. . وزارت امور خارجه آمريکا 13 شرکت خارجي را به خاطر آنچه صدور تکنولوژي و تجهيزات مورد استفاده در ساخت جنگ افزارهاي کشتار جمعي به ايران خوانده است مورد تحريم اقتصادي و مجازات قرار داده است. آدام ارلي سخنگوي وزارتخانه روز جمعه با اعلام اين خبر به پرسشهاي خبرنگاران پاسخ داد. بهروز نيكذات (راديو فردا): سخنگوي وزارت امورخارجه آمريکا درپاسخ به سئوالي در رابطه با گزارش بامداد روزجمعه آژانس بين المللي انرژي اتمي درمورد پيدا شدن مقاديري اورانيوم قابل استفاده درتوليد بمب درايران گفت: من اين گزارش را ديدم وروشن است که گزارش نگران کننده اي است. اين نخستين بار نيست که ما شاهد چنين گزارش هائي هستيم. آنچه را بايد بر آن تاکيد کرد اين است که ايران واقعا بايد حرف راست را بزند، با آژانس بين المللي انرژي اتمي همکاري کند، شرايط مندرج درقطعنامه هيات مديره اين سازمان را رعايت کند، تاسيسات خود را به روي بازرسان سازمان بين المللي انرژي اتمي که هم اکنون درايران هستند بازبگذارد، کليه فعاليت هاي خود را اعلام کند وفعاليت مربوط به غني سازي اورانيوم را متوقف سازد. اين ها چيزهائي است که ايرانيان وعده داده اند انجام دهند. اما کشف قرائن جديد همچنان ادامه دارد که من تصورمي کنم جامع بودن واعتبار آنچه را که پيشتراعلام کرده اند، زيرسئوال مي برد. ازآقاي ارلي سئوال شد چه اطلاعاتي درباره تعداد زيادي ازشرکت هاي خارجي دارد که درارتباط با فعاليت هاي مربوط به منع گسترش سلاح هاي اتمي مشمول مجازات واقع شده اند. آدام ارلي گفت: با توجه به قانون سال 2000 منع گسترش سلاح هاي اتمي ايران، آمريکا 13 شرکت را که اقلام ممنوعه براي ايران فراهم آورده بودند، مشمول مجازات قرارداده است. اين شرکت ها عبارتند از پنج شرکت چيني، دوشرکت روسي، يک شرکت روسيه سفيد، يک شرکت کره شمالي، يک شرکت تايواني ويک شرکت امارات متحده عربي. آقاي ارلي در ادامه گفت: اين شرکت ها طبق قانون مشمول مجازات واقع شدند زيرا اطلاعات موثقي دردست بود که اين شرکت ها از اول ژانويه سال 1999 تجهيزات وتکنولوژي به ايران صادر کرده اند که اقدام آن ها مشمول فهرست کنترل هاي صادراتي چند جانبه قرارمي گيرد ويا اقلامي نظيرآنچه درفهرست آمده صادر کرده اند، اما درسطحي پائين ترازضوابط فهرست کنترل اقلام است ويا اقلام ديگري صادرکرده اند که به طوربالقوه مي تواند به برنامه هائي که برقرارشده است کمک کند. وزارت امور خارجه آمريکا 13 شرکت خارجي را به خاطر آنچه صدور تکنولوژي و تجهيزات مورد استفاده در ساخت جنگ افزارهاي کشتار جمعي به ايران خوانده است مورد تحريم اقتصادي و مجازات قرار داده است. آدام ارلي سخنگوي وزارتخانه روز جمعه گفت روشن است که ايران داراي يک برنامه فعال موشکي است، اما من نمي گويم که اين شرکت ها درفراهم آوردن تجهيزاتي براي برنامه موشکي ايران دست داشته اند. من آنچه را که قانون گفته است بازگو کردم. سخنگوي وزارت امورخارجه آمريکا درپاسخ به سئوال ديگري در رابطه با گزارش بامداد روزجمعه آژانس بين المللي انرژي اتمي درمورد پيدا شدن مقاديري اورانيوم قابل استفاده درتوليد بمب درايران گفت: من اين گزارش را ديدم وروشن است که گزارش نگران کننده اي است.