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Summary of Iran Stories of Today&apos;s BroadcastsBehnam NateghiThursday, January 09, 2003 <b>Iranian Officials Oppose US Attack on Iraq</b> * Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused US on Thursday of wanting to control Iraqi oil. He said Iran opposes the possible US attack on Iraq. (Mahdieh Javid) * Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrzai, in Greece for an official visit, said US has no reason to attack Iraq, since Iraq is cooperating with the UN arms inspectors. He asked EU for help in dealing with the possible flood of Iraqi refugees. (Ahmad Ra&apos;fat, Rome) <b>Rafsanjani Says US Counters Islamic Revolution with Radio Farda</b> * Former president Ali-Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani accused the US of starting <b>Radio Farda</b> to counter the Islamic Revolution. He said in a speech to the Islamic society of teachers that the launch of the 24-hour radio by the US "marks the enemy&apos;s change of tactic towards the Islamic Revolution." * Washington-based media analyst Mahmud Gudarzi tells <b>Radio Farda</b> that because of the widespread censorship of the news by the state-owned radio-TV monopoly, people in Iran turn to foreign-based radio and television broadcasts. He adds that President Khatami and reformist MPs have repeatedly complained about the selective news policies of the state radio-TV organization. (Amir Armin) <b> Khatami&apos;s Possible Reactions to Reform Bills&apos; Rejection</b> * In an interview yesterday with the Frankfurter Allgemeine, reformist MP Mohsen Mirdamadi, head of the Majles national security and foreign relations committee, predicted that the conservative Guardians Council will approve or will compromise on a version of President Khatami&apos;s bills to expand presidential powers and reform the election law, but in an interview with the Reuters news agency, hardline daily Kayhan&apos;s publisher Hasan Shariatmadari said that the Guardians Council would reject the bills. He said Khatami and his reformist followers bluffed when they threatened to exit the regime through mass resignations. * Tehran-based reformist journalist Ahmad Zeydabadi tells <b>Radio Farda</b> that Khatami had said that it would not be necessary to remain in office after the rejection of his reform bills by the GC. Zeydabadi says the rejection of these bills would mean an end to the reform movement and would show that the regime cannot be reformed. (Maryam Ahmadi, Washington)) <b>Judiciary Jails Dissident Students</b> * Hossein Zarehzadeh, secretary of the committee to defend political prisoners in Iran and a spokesman of the dissident party the democratic front (Jebheh-ye Demokratik-e Iran), tells <b>Radio Farda</b> that he was summoned to a branch of the Tehran Islamic Revolutionary Court on Wednesday for interrogation on charges of anti-regime activity and insulting top Islamic officials in interviews with foreign radios. In an interview, he says, he charged that with his official statements, the Supreme Leader boosts the hardliners who beat protesting students. He says Kianoush Sanjari, another Democratic Front board member, was convicted to five years in prison. He adds that several other Democratic Front activists and supporters were sentenced to jail terms from 3 to 8 years. He says the Democratic Front founder Heshmatollah Tabarzadi has for the past six months been in solitary confinement at the Evin prison, and the judiciary has apparently decided to keep his case in limbo. (Iraj Arianpour) <b>Congressman Gutknecht Sees Iran Ripe for Change</b> * Congressman Gil Gutknecht (R-Minnesota) tells <b>Radio Farda</b> that Iran is ripe for change. He says the more people of Iran can be confronted with the facts through <b>Radio Farda</b> or through other media opportunities, the better chances they would to make necessary changes happen in Iran. People of Iran obviously desire change, he adds. Gutknecht tells young Iranians that history is always on the side of those who demand freedom and opportunities. (Mahtab Farid) <b>Sexual Discrimination and the Spread of AIDS in Iran</b> * Yale University public health professor Dr. Ramin Ahmadi tells <b>Radio Farda</b> that respect for women&apos;s rights and gender equality are the cornerstones of a healthy and disease-free sexual life. (Maryam Ahmadi) <b>Iraqi Kurdish Leader Talabani Meets with Tehran-based Saddam Opposition</b> * Jalal Talabani, secretary-general of the patriotic union of Iraqi Kurdistan, in Iran on a four-day visit, met with head of the Tehran-based Shiite opposition group High Council of the Islamic Revolution of Iraq. They agreed to hold the meeting of the opposition&apos;s coordinating committee in Arbil, Iraq. (Mahdieh Javid) <b>Amnesty International Protests Amputation of Limbs</b> * Amnesty International said yesterday that four young men have been sentenced by Shiraz judiciary to amputation of limbs on charges of armed anti-regime activity and robbery. Amnesty said it has documented at least 9 cases in 2002 in which amputation of limbs was ordered by Iranian courts, but the actual number could be much higher. (Golnaz Esfandiari) <b>Judge Transfers Abdi Out of Solitary</b> * Saleh Nikbakht, a lawyer for pollster and political activist Abbas Abdi said yesterday that judge Sa&apos;id Montazeri transferred Abdi and his co-defendants in the pollsters&apos; case to a group cellblock at Evin prison. Abdi, Hossein Ghazian and Behruz Geranpayeh, officials of two padlocked polling agencies, have spent more than two months in solitary confinement. They were arrested on charges of spying for the US and selling secret government documents after the publication of a poll that showed 74 percent of the respondents favor the resumption of US-Iran relations. The Islamic Iran Participation Front, the pro-reform party of which Abdi is a board member, said in a statement yesterday that Abdi&apos;s long solitary confinement amounted to torture. But Abdi&apos;s lawyer said Abdi has not been physically or mentally harmed. (Mina Baharmast) * Minister of Information Ali Yunesi said the secret documents the pollsters have been accused of selling to foreign powers were three pages of intelligence ministry reports stamped "Top Secret," but the contents of the documents were not secret. The judiciary has not made public the nature of the secret documents. (Mehdi Khalaji) <b>Police State, Barracks State: Hajjarian Condemns Totalitarianism</b> * In an article in the monthly Aftab, presidential advisor and leading reformist strategist Sa&apos;id Hajjarian said the ruin of ideology leads to the rise of the police state, monopoly of power and authoritarianism. (Mehdi Khalaji) <b>Afghan FM in Tehran</b> * In his talks with Iranian officials today, Afghan foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah is to discuss Afghanistan&apos;s blocking of the Hirmand River into Iran. (Ardavan Niknam) <b>Car Crash Death Toll Rises by 15 Percent</b> * Deputy transportation minister Ahmad Majidi said 118,000 died in car crashes last year, 15 percent more than the previous year. With the current budget, it would take 74 years for the transportation ministry to fix all the 500 accident prone turns in Iran&apos;s roads and highways, he added. (Baktash Khamsehpour) <b>Young Iranians Indifferent to the Regime&apos;s Factions</b> * In an article on the youth population in Iran, the Paris daily Le Monde writes that young Iranians are indifferent to the regime and the on-going conflict among its two factions. (Jean Khakzad) . رهبر جمهوري اسلامي آمريكا را متهم ساخت كه به خاطر كنترل منابع نفت عراق، تسلط بر منطقه و حمايت از اسرائيل مي خواهد به عراق حمله كند. وي گفت در حاليكه اعراب ديگر گفته هاي مقامات آمريكائي را باور نمي كنند، اين امكان وجود دارد كه بعضي از افراد به خاطر منافع كوتاه مدت با آمريكا همكاري كنند. وي گفت آمريكا با ادعاي اينكه حمله به عراق به منظور جنگ با تروريسم است، دنيا را فريب مي دهد. در حاليكه دولت ايران گفته است از تصميم شوراي امنيت سازمان ملل در باره عراق حمايت مي كند، رهبر جمهوري اسلامي كه حرف آخر را در ايران مي زند گفت بار ها گفته ايم كه هرنوع حمله اي را به عراق رد مي كنيم زيرا بيم آن مي رود كه حمله به عراق به تمامي منطقه آسيب برساند.