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دفاعيات عباس عبدي از ديد دو روزنامه نگار اصلاح طلب

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Summary of Iran Stories of Today&apos;s BroadcastsBehnam NateghiThursday, December 26, 2002 <b>Fourth Day of the Pollsters&apos; Trial: Abdi&apos;s "Confessions"</b> * A high-ranking board member of pro-Khatami party the Participation Front (Jebheh-ye Mosharekat), Abbas Abdi, who was a leader of the US Embassy hostage takers in 1979, on trial as a board member of the pad-locked Ayandeh polling agency, admitted in open court today that he made "mistakes," when he approved a deal with the Gallop Organization for carrying out opinion surveys on US-Iran relations. Prosecutor Asghar Tashokari said Abdi confessed to charges of selling information to foreign powers and faking opinion polls. Leftist politician and commentator Abbas Abdi also retracted his radical reformist political positions, including his idea for Khatami and the reformist MPs to "exit the regime" in protest against the rejection of the reform bills by conservative bodies. In the fourth day of the so-called pollsters&apos; trial, Abdi said that the mass resignations of Khatmai and reformist officials and MPs would have weakened the regime. (Amir Armin, Washingtoin) * Washington-based human rights activist Zohreh Khayyam tells <b>Radio Farda</b> that Abdi&apos;s is a political trial in which the conservatives are setting scores with their political rivals. She adds that the trial is a logical extension of the factional crisis within the regime. She says it shows the regime&apos;s fear of the widespread public protest, including that of the students. (Ali Sajjadi, Washington) * After spending 50 days in solitary confinement, Abdi, one of the most radical advocates of political reform, echoed radical conservatives in the first day of his trial. Deputy speaker of the Majles, Mohammad-Reza Khatami, secretary general of the pro-Khatami party the Participation Front (Jebheh-ye Mosharekat), of which Abdi is a high ranking board member, told Tehran newspapers that Abdi&apos;s is a political trial. He denied that Abdi had any top secret documents. Said Hajjarian&apos;s assassination and Abdi&apos;s trial has disarmed the reformist faction, strategically and ideologically. Abdi and other officials of the two pad-locked public opinion survey agencies were arrested and detained last October after the publication of a poll that showed 75 percent of respondents favor the resumption of the US-Iran relations. (Mehdi Khalaji, Prague) * Conservative and reformist newspapers offer contradicting assessments of the statements made yesterday in court by Abbas Abdi. Officials of the pro-Khatami party Jebheh-ye Mosharekat maintain that Abdi maintained his previous positions, even though he admitted to some personal mistakes, but the conservatives cannot hide their glee as one of their most vocal opponents admitted to wrongdoing. However, Abdi&apos;s apologetic defense was unexpected by everyone, since Abdi was expected by his friends of opponents to stand firm on his stance and like Akbar Ganji and Abdollah Nuri, turn his defense into an indictment of the conservatives&apos; policies. (Ardavan Ninknam) * Independent reformist journalist Ahmad Zeydabadi tells <b>Radio Farda</b> that Abdi is expected to resign from public activities after this, since as he used to say, those who break in jail and ask for forgiveness are finished. Another independent reformist journalist Said Haqqi, editor of the Tehran daily Mardomsalari (Democracy), tells <b>Radio Farda</b> that Abdi did not accept any of the charges against him, but his testimony damaged his image and was a blow that , at leasdt in the short term, weakened the Participation Front. (Siavash Ardalan, Washington) <b>Filmmaker Protests against Judiciary&apos;s Ban on His Film</b> * In a public letter to culture minister Ahmad Masjed-Jamei, filmmaker Bahman Farmanara protested against the judiciary&apos;s ban on his latest film "A House on Waster (Khaneh-ii bar Ab)," which was due to open nationwide last week. He said the judiciary overruled a screening permit issued by the culture ministry. Farmanara said in addition to trusting the culture ministry, his biggest crime was agreeing to cut seven scenes out of his movie at the suggestion of the ministry sensors. (Maryam Ahmadi, Washington) <b>Soccer Team Manager Complains about Soccer Federation</b> * Manager of Iran&apos;s national soccer team Mohammad Ranjbar complained in an interview published in Tehran today about the conditions of the nation&apos;s soccer federation. He said the national soccer team&apos;s Croat coach Branko Ivanovic, who resigned yesterday, liked working in Iran, but could not bear the disorder in the management of the soccer federation. (Bijan Farhoodi, Washington) <b>Gold and Dollar Rise in Tehran&apos;s Market</b> * Gold, dollar and euro prices continued their upward spiral, as tensions in Venezuela and the prospect of a possible US attack on Iraq pushed oil prices beyond $30 per barrel. Iran sold oil at $28.5 barrel today, according to oil ministry officials. (Fereydoun Khavand, Paris) <b>Jailed Student&apos;s Father Says He Cannot Afford his Bail</b> * Jailed student Behnam Amini&apos;s father tells Radio Farda that his poor Kurdish family cannot afford his 1 billion rial ($125,000) bail. Amini was arrested one month ago during student protests against Hashem Aghajari&apos;s death sentence. Amini&apos;s father says he has only been able to speak with his son three times since his arrest, twice in Kurdish and once in Persian. (Siavash Ardalan, Prague) <b>Reza Pahlavi Protests INS Detention of Iranian Visa Violators</b> * In a letter to US President George Bush, Iran&apos;s former crown prince protested against the treatment of Iranian visitors to the US, and the detention last week of hundreds of Iranian visa violators by the INS in California. He called for a more active support from the US for the struggle of Iranian people for freedoms and democracy. (Ardavan Niknam, Prague) <b>Zoroastrians Observe Their Prophet&apos;s Anniversary</b> * Iran&apos;s 30,000 Zoroastrians observed the anniversary of the death of their prophet Zoroaster, who was born 5600 years ago in Azerbaijan. (Baktash Khamsehpour, Prague) <b>Snow and Earthquake Cut off Hundreds of Villages in Western Provinces</b> * Hundreds of villages in Kermanshah lost contact with the outside world as heavy snow and earthquake blocked their roads, due to heavy snow and earthquake in Kermanshah and Kurdistan. (Baktash Khamsehpour, Prague) <b>Dubai Arrests 54 Iranians for Panhandling</b> * During the past month, 54 Iranians, 23 of them women, were arrested in Dubai for loitering and panhandling. (Fardieh Rahbar, Cairo) <b>Universities Lack Basic Educational Facilities and Space</b> * An official of the higher education ministry&apos;s planning department told a gathering of planning and development officials of universities lack standard facilities and space. * Paris-based education expert Said Peyvandi tells <b>Radio Farda</b> that university student population in Iran grew ten times since the 1979 revolution to 1.7 million, but the universities&apos; facilities and classroom space did not expand at that rate. As a result, most universities, particularly branches of the semi-private Open Islamic University (Daneshgah-e Azad), are nothing more than a few rooms and some benches. He adds that universities in Iran used to spend $2000 per student per year, now they spend $500, but an average European university spends over $6,000. (Nazi Azima, Prague) . محافل مطبوعاتي وسياسي ايران گرم تحليل و ارزيابي پيامدهاي اظهارات عباس عبدي در چهارمين روز محاكمه متهمان پرونده نظرسنجي هستند كه گفته بود اگر اشتباهي كرده است، جبران مي كند. به اين گفته ها در صدا و سيما پوشش گسترده داده شد. از نگاه حقوقي عباس عبدي هيچ اتهامي را نپذيرفت، اما تاثير سياسي گفته هاي او، دستكم در كوتاه مدت، عميق است. سعيد حقي، روزنامه نگار اصلاح طلب، سردبير روزنامه مردمسالاري، چاپ تهران، در مصاحبه با راديوفردا مي گويد: عبدي اصلا هيچ اتهامي را قبول نكرد فقط زيركانه مي خواسته از سنگيني اتهامات خود كم كند. وي مي افزايد: دقيقا همين نظرات را قبلا هم مي گفت. مثلا هدف او از طرح رفراندوم، رفراندوم درون نظام و بر اساس قانون اساسي بود، و هدف او از طرح پروژه حقوق از حاكميت، نوعي ناز كردن بود براي بالابردن نرخ براي طرف مقابل. وي مي افزايد: عبدي دفاع شخصي كرد اما اين پروژه، پروژه محاكمه حزب مشاركت ايران اسلامي و اصلاح طلبان بود. وي مي افزايد: عبدي صدائي نازك و لطيف دارد، بر عكس چهره مردانه و خشني كه دارد. صداي او پاي تلويزيون او را در افكار عمومي ضربه زد. احمد زيدآبادي، روزنامه نگار اصلاحگرا و مستقل، در مصاحبه با راديوفردا مي گويد: عباس عبدي اتهامي را نپذيرفت ولي بايد ديد چرا تحليل عباس عبدي از رفراندوم و خروج از حاكميت عوض شده است. وي مي افزايد: شرايط زندان چگونه بوده است كه موجب شده است اين تحليل عوض شود. نمي شود گفت بازجوها از نظر فكري آن قدر غني بوده اند كه توانسته اند عبدي را اغنا كنند كه نظرش را عوض كند. بنابراين، اينجا عبدي تحت فشار خارق العاده اي قرار گرفته كه اساسا خارج از كنترل او بوده يا در فضاي ويژه اي به قدري كاناليزه شده و اطلاعاتي به او تذريق شده كه تحت تاثير آن اطلاعات غلط قرار گرفته. اگر آن مورد دوم باشد از وي بعيد است زيرا او در زندان ها تجربه داشته و حتي قبل از اينكه ما ها را دستگير كنند، عبدي به ما توصيه مي كرد كه براي اينكه نشكنيم چه كارهائي انجام بدهيم، و بعضي از ان توصيه ها موثر واقع شد. بنابراين اين يك امر معماگونه است كه تا موقعي كه ايشان از زندان بيرون نيامده و توضيح نداده كه اين اتفاقات به چه دليل افتاده، حرف قاطعي در اين زمينه نمي شود زد. احمد زيدآبادي مي افزايد: شخصي كه در زندان مي رود، به خصوص شخصي با خصوصيات عبدي، معمولا از او انتظار مي رود كه بر مواضعش، حتي تا پاي جان، پافشاري كند. بنابراين وقتي اين اتفاق نمي افتد، تاثيري خواه ناخواه بر افكار عمومي بر جاي مي گذارد. اما همه ايراني ها بر اين نظرند كه كسي كه به هردليلي در زندان حرفي مي زند كه در بيرون زندان نمي زند، خواه ناخواه تحت فشار قرار گرفته است. بنابراين اين نوع صحبت ها در افكار عمومي تاثير عميقي به جاي نمي گذارد. زيدآبادي مي افزايد چون عبدي گفته است در باره آينده سياسي خود حرف نمي زند، احتمال مي دهم كه او كناره گيري خود را از سياست براي هميشه اعلام كند به دليل اينكه قبلا هم گفته بود كسي كه وارد زندان مي شود و به هر دليل عقب مي نشيند و مي گويد اشتباه كردم ديگر صلاحيت حضور در عرصه سياسي را ندارد بايد كناره بگيرد. با اين حال تاثير اين رفتار در كوتاه مدت جبهه اصلاح طلبان به طور كلي و حزب مشاركت را تحت تاثير قرار مي دهد اما جبهه مشاركت به راحتي مي تواند اين موج را از سر عبور بدهد. محافل مطبوعاتي وسياسي ايران گرم تحليل و ارزيابي و پبيامدهاي اظهارات عباس عبدي در چهارمين روز محاكمه متهمان پرونده نظرسنجي هستند كه گفته بود اگر اشتباهي كرده است، جبران مي كند. از نگاه حقوقي عباس عبدي هيچ اتهامي را نپذيرفت اما تاثير سياسي گفته هاي او، دستكم در كوتاه مدت، عميق است. سعيد حقي، روزنامه نگار اصلاح طلب، سردبير روزنامه مردمسالاري، چاپ تهران، در مصاحبه با راديوفردا مي گويد: عبدي هيچ اتهامي را قبول نكرد فقط زيركانه مي خواست از سنگيني اتهامات خود كم كند. احمد زيدآبادي، روزنامه نگار اصلاحگرا و مستقل، در مصاحبه با راديوفردا مي گويد: احتمال مي دهم كه عباس عبدي كناره گيري خود را از سياست براي هميشه اعلام كند، به دليل اينكه قبلا هم گفته بود كسي كه وارد زندان مي شود و به هر دليل عقب مي نشيند و مي گويد اشتباه كردم، ديگر صلاحيت حضور در عرصه سياسي را ندارد.