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سفر ناگهاني رئيس جمهوري آمريكا به عراق به مناسبت روز شكرگذاري

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Summary of Iran Stories in Today&apos;s BroadcastsBehnam Nateghi<b>US Cautions Russia and European Countries on Nuclear Cooperation with Iran</b> • US State Department spokesman Richard Boucher cautioned Russia and other countries to be more "careful" in their nuclear dealings with Iran, particularly as Iran has not yet implemented all its commitments to the IAEA. (Kayvan Hosseini) • Secretary of the supreme national security council Hassan Rowhani said the resolution adopted by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is a triumph for Iran&apos;s diplomacy. He said the 18 years of secrecy in Iran&apos;s nuclear program was only to deter the US and industrial world&apos;s sanctions against Iran, and hence “the uranium enrichment issue is an important achievement, and it is a source of national pride for us, and we should continue it.” He threatened to reduce the trade volume with Japan and Australia, since they sided with the US at the IAEA board of directors&apos; meeting. (Fereydoun Zarnegar) • Rowhani said the IAEA resolution&apos;s contention that any future concealment on Iran&apos;s part will be dealt with in the UN Security Council is redundant and aims only to please the US. Russian foreign minister Igor Ivanov said in Warsaw that Russia is not satisfied with all parts of the resolution, but he is happy that the issue is under IAEA&apos;s examination without Security Council intervention. (Ardavan Niknam) • The French daily Le Monde wrote the IAEA resolution was a victory for Iran. Paris&apos;s Le Figaro deplored the US for accepting a solution for Iran which was denied to Iraq a year ago. (Mir Ali Hosseini) • Israel said it will continue monitoring Iran&apos;s nuclear activities. (Amir Armin) <b>Majles Elections: Official Factions Begin Campaigns Doubtful of Voters&apos; Interest</b> • The elections headquarters at the interior ministry announced that it will begin operations within a week, by registering applicants for candidacy in the upcoming parliamentary elections, due to be held on February 10. The reformist activists have indicated they will campaign under the slogan of human rights, while the conservatives&apos; campaign will focus on “social justice,” in order to shed light on the economic failure of the reformist government of President Khatami. Amid fears that the public would in most part boycott the elections, both ruling factions believe that in the face of international opposition to its human rights record and nuclear program, the regime needs strong voter turnout to prove its legitimacy, a point raised by the Supreme Leader last week. Presidential advisor and reformist theoretician Said Hajjarian, and former interior ministry deputy and member of the leftist Islamic Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution Organization (MIRO) Mostafa Tajzadeh both said only a miracle would bring people in large numbers to voting booths. Lack of voter participation would end in the victory of the conservatives, experts say. (Keyvan Hosseini) <b>Islamist Terrorists Resurface in Argentina, Says Defense Minister</b> • Argentina&apos;s Defense Minister Jose Pampuro said he has received intelligence about possible Islamist attacks in days ahead. Argentina&apos;s <i>Clarin</i> newspaper reported Wednesday that possible targets could be U.S., British, Italian or Israeli interests. Abraham Kaul, president of the Israeli Argentine Mutual Association ( AMIA), said Britain&apos;s refusal to extradite Hadi Soleimanpour, Iran&apos;s former ambassador to Argentina, acused of the Jewish Center and Israeli Embassy bombings in 1992 and 1994 that left 85 and 29 dead respectively, is among the reasons for increased terrorists&apos; activities. (Ahmad Ra&apos;fat, Rome)&apos;fat, Rome) • Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Jonathan Peled said yesterday that Israel will closely monitor nuclear activities and other attempts by Iran to develop weapons of mass destruction. (Amir Armin) <b>“Hanging Judge” Dies</b> • Hojjatol-Islam Sadeq Khalkhali, the prosecutor and judge of the Islamic revolutionary courts, who sentenced to death 85 members of the Shah&apos;s government and security forces and executed many more in summary trials, died of heart failure in Tehran last night at the age of 77. A former MP and member of the Council of Experts for years, he recently sided with the reformists, but his notoriety made him a pariah among advocates of reform. (Fereydoun Zarnegar) • Khlakhali was one of the most outstanding symbols of religious violence. (Mehdi Khalaji) • In a letter to Khalkhali years before the revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini says we all know that you have mental illness and cannot think straight. Despite this assertion, Khomeini appointed Khalkhali to the position of the Islamic revolutionary court&apos;s first judge, knowing that he would promptly issue death sentences to former regime officials, whom Khomeini feared would regroup and rise against his rule, New Heaven-based political activist <b>Ramin Ahmadi</b> tells <b>Radio Farda</b>. (Mayam Ahmadi) <b>MKO Members Ask Iraqi Governing Council to Save Their Lives</b> • A group of disarmed members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO), asked the Iraqi governing council to save their lives in a letter to the council&apos;s head Jalal Talabani. MKO leadership has escaped to a safe place and has left behind thousands of lower level members stranded in Iraq, former MKO member <b>Sobhani</b> tells <b>Radio Farda</b>. Working through international organizations, such as the Red Cross, we are trying to provide help for those MKO refugees who are ready to defect, he adds. There are nearly 3,500 MKO members in Iraq, he says. (Fereydoun Zarnegar) <b>Fear of Defections to Europe Bars Rowing Champions from International Competition</b> • With defections to Europe among athletes on the rise, the sports authorities prohibited rowboat champions Mehdi Nargesssi, Massoud Khodayari and Mehdi Bani Nia from participating in this year&apos;s Asian Championship in Taiwan. Members of sports teams traveling abroad are required to give 5 million tooman cash and a bank check to the amount of 20 million tooman to be kept as a deterrent to their possible defection. (Fariba Moaddat) <b>Rise in Government Income Predictable, Says Economist</b> • The government&apos;s income rose by nearly 100 percent in the first three months of the fiscal year that began on March 22, 2003, according to numbers released by the central bank. The rise in government&apos;s income was in line with budget forecasts, and does not show a significant growth over last year&apos;s, considering inflation and other factors, Tehran University economy professor </b>Qasem Ghaninizhad</b> tells <b>Radio Farda</b>. However, the numbers show that government&apos;s tax income lagged behind official estimates, and maybe explains the reason why the government proposed new tax laws this year. (Fereydoun Zarnegar) <b>Student Activists Return to Old Cellblock in Evin</b> • Jailed student Ahmad Batebi, 27, was returned to the Evin prison, but with alarming signs of psychological distress, according to a statement issued yesterday by the independent student opposition group the United Student Front. Another jailed student, Akbar Mohammadi who recently underwent a surgery has been returned to hospital in deteriorated condition. He and his brother Manouchehr have served four of their 15 year sentence in the Evin prison. (Farin Asemi) <b>Two Political Prisoners Receive Moral Courage Awards</b> • This year&apos;s Jan Karski Award for Moral Courage went to jailed dissidents Hashem Aghajari and Abbas Amir Entezam. In a ceremony held at the Embassy of Poland in Washington, D.C., Elham Amir Entezam, the recipient&apos;s daughter, accepted the award saying the last time she saw her father was when she was 10. A documentary film about Amir Entezam, prodeuced by the human rights activist Dr. Ramin Ahmadi, was shown and a leader of the Iranian student movement, Sepehr Zangeneh, also spoke at the event. According to its mission statement, since 1992, the Foundation for Moral Courage has been dedicated to educating the general public about the importance of individual acts of moral courage in modern civic life. (Ali Sajjadi) <b>Fatal Accidents Rise 10 Times</b> • A significant surge in the number of road fatalities, ten times more than 1970, has placed Iran&apos;s highways among the most dangerous in the world. With 18.3 per cent fatality rate, it is anticipated that in ten years the number of deaths on the roads would reach 370,000. (Arash Ghavidel) <b>Hundreds Attack Office of Isfahan MP</b> • Hundreds of hard-line demonstrators this morning attacked the office of Isfahan MP Ahmad Shirzad, calling him a traitor for speaking against the country&apos;s political system and the vicious circle of perpetuates the power of the Supreme Leader. Shirzad said he hard-liners do not tolerate any form of criticism. A hard-line MP said traitor MPs should not be surprised if their offices are attacked. (Baktaskh Khamsehpour) جرج بوش رئيس جمهوري آمريكا در يك ديدار ناگهاني وارد عراق شد، اين نخستين ديدار يك رئيس جمهوري آمريكا از عراق است. آقاي بوش دو ساعت در بغداد بود و شام را با مقامات آمريكايي در عراق صرف كرد. آقاي بوش به بيش از ششصد سرباز حاضر در فرودگاه گفت شما از مردم آمريكا در مقابل خطر ها دفاع مي كنيد و ما از شما سپاسگزاريم. در باره اين ديدار همكارم امير آرمين گفتگويي داشته است با پيمان پژمان خبرنگار راديو فردا در منطقه: پيمان پژمان (گزارشگر راديو فردا در منطقه): پرزيدنت بوش اولين رئيس جمهوري آمريكا شد که براي سفر كوتاهي به بغداد رفت. سفر آقاي بوش بيشتر از دو ساعت و نيم طول نكشيد و مستقيما ايشان رفتند به فرودگاه بغداد كه در آنجا مراسم شكرگذاري سالانه آمريكا برگزار ميشد و در آن فرماندهي نظامي آمريكا در عراق يعني ژنرال ريكاردو سانچز، و فرماندهي مدني آمريكا پل برمر و تعداد زيادي از سربازان آمريكا حضور داشتند. خبر به دلايل امنيتي منتشر نشده بود. پرزيدنت بوش پيش از ديدار با سربازان با جلال طالباني، رئيس فعلي حكومت موقت و احمد چلبي ديدار كرد. خبر ورود پرزيدنت بوش را آقاي پل برمر اعلام كرد. قبل از اينكه پيام پرزيدنت بوش را بخواند گفت اجازه بدهيد ببينيم از من ارشد تر كسي اينجا هست كه پيام رئيس جمهوري را بخواند و بطور غير مترقبه خود پرزيدنت وارد سالن شد و اين مورد تشويق و تعجب بسياري از سربازان قرار گرفت. پرزيدنت بوش وقتي وارد شد به حالت احساساتي هم خودش هم سربازان واقعا مشخص بود تا حدي اشك ميريختند تعداد زيادي از آنها. صحبتي كه ايشان كرد اين بود كه ما واقعا آمديم براي آزادي عراق و مردم عراق و به صلاحيت خود مردم عراق اطمينان داريم. و عليرغم اين كه به هر صورت انتقال قدرت را خواهيم داد به مردم عراق بايد مردم عراق مطمئن باشند كه ما زودتر از آنچه كه لازم باشد از اينجاخارج نخواهيم شد. ولي ضمنا به ارتش عراق و سربازان آمريكايي تبريك گفت. و گفت كه واقعا بهترين سربازان دنيا هستند و گفت كاري كه آنها مي كنند مبارزه با تروريسم هست كه اگر در عراق انجام نشود بايستي در خاك خود آمريكا انجام شود. امير آرمين (راديو فردا): از صحبت هاي رئيس جمهوري با احمد چلبي و و جلال طالباني چيزي پخش شده؟ در چه زمينه اي صحبت كردند؟ پيمان پژمان: متن صحبت هاي رئيس جمهوري آمريكا با احمد چلبي و جلال طالباني منتشر نشده و صحبت بسيار كوتاه بوده و فكر نميكنم بيش از پنج يا ده دقيقه با هركدام صحبت كرده باشند. اصولا صحبت بر اين بوده كه به آنها تبريك گفتند در مورد پيشرفت حكومت دولت موقت و به آنها همچنين اطمينان داده شده كه آمريكا واقعا قصد ماندن در عرا ق را ندارد و ميخواهد در اسرع وقت خارج بشود و از آنها خواسته كه با نيروهاي ائتلاف همكاري كند تا بتوانند انتقال سريع قدرت به نيروهاي عراقي را امكان پذير کنند. امير آرمين: گفتند كه آقاي طالباني روز پنجشنبه با آيت الله سيستاني ديدار داشته و آيت الله سيستاني برانجام فوري انتخابات تاكيد كردند. آيا اين صحبت ها با آيت الله سيستاني هم به اطلاع رئيس جمهوري رسيده؟ پيمان پژمان: مجددا عرض كنم كه من از جزئيات صحبت هاي آقايان طالباني، چلبي و پرزيدنت بوش اطلاع ندارم ولي بعيد ميدانم كه اين جزئيات در صحبت كوتاه بين اين سه نفر انجام شده باشد. من فكر ميكنم اين ها مطالبي باشد كه حكومت موقت با افرادي مانند پل برمر مطرح ميكردند. پرزيدنت بوش، رئيس جمهوري آمريكا، كه به طور ناگهاني و بي خبر از عراق ديدن كرد، در جريان سخنراني در جريان شام شكرگذاري براي 600 تن از سربازان و افسران آمريكائي در عراق گفت شما از مردم آمريكا در برابر خطر ها دفاع مي كنيد و ما از شما سپاسگزاريم. به نيروهاي آمريكا گفته شده بود كه آقايان پال برمر و ژنرال سنچز شام شكرگذاري را با آنها صرف خواهند كرد و حضور ناگهاني رئيس جمهوري آمريكا و همراهان در جمع آنها، سربازان آمريكائي را شگفت زده ساخت. پرزيدنت بوش پيش از ديدار با سربازان با جلال طالباني، رئيس فعلي حكومت موقت و احمد چلبي نيز ديدار كرد.