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دوشنبه ۱ مرداد ۱۳۹۷ تهران ۲۲:۳۵

ابهامات لايحه اصلاح قانون انتخابات، از ديد يك حقوقدان

شيرين فاميلي، مصاحبه با نعمت احمدي (تهران)

Summary of Today's BroadcastRFE/RL Persian ServiceTuesday, October 22, 2002 - Election bill's ambiguities - Khatami's upcoming visit to Spain - Supreme leader rejects democracy - VP Abtahi criticizes Friday prayer leaders - EU and human rights in Iran - Swedish leftist MPs bill on human rights in Iran - Iranian Kurds and possible US attack on Iraq Election Law Reform Bill's Legal Ambiguities * Tehran lawyer Nemat Ahmadi tells RFE/RL that article 28 of President Khatami's election law reform bill, which defines the requirements for candidates, is ambiguous and leaves room for arbitrary interpretations. He says conditions such as commitment to Islam and the Islamic Republic were used three years ago by the Guardians Council for rejecting some members of the fifth Majles to stand for election to the sixth. (Shireen Famili) No Royal Banquet for Khatami in Spain * Instead of a gala banquet at the royal palace, President Khatami will dine privately with King Juan Carlos of Spain. Queen Sofia, who refused the Islamic dress code requested by Khatami, will not attend. The decision resolved the week-long protocol dispute between Madrid and Khatami's advance team over the serving of alcohol at the functions planned for his upcoming state visit. Khatami's deputy for parliamentary affairs Mohammad Ali Abtahi, who arrived in Madrid yesterday, finalized the arrangements and accepted the presence of Queen Sofia and women cabinet ministers at official functions without the Islamic cover. (Ahmad Ra'fat, Rome) Supreme Leader Rejects Democracy * Two days after President Khatami defended democracy as his government's main goal, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said democracies are in fact old dictatorships in new dresses in which groups compete for power and people have no say. He also criticized the spread of financial corruption in both public and private sectors and said prosecuting corruption is the duty of the judiciary. (Siavash Ardalan) Khatami's Deputy Criticizes Friday Prayer Leaders * In a letter to the director of the secretariat of the Friday prayer leaders, Khatami's legislative affairs deputy Mohammad-Ali Abtahi complained of coordinated, harsh attacks by Friday prayer leaders against Khatami's bills to expand presidential powers and reform the election law. Abtahi charged that small town Friday prayer leaders repeated in their sermons the political views printed in the weekly bulletin of the secretariat, which is controlled by the Supreme Leader. (Mehdi Khalaji) EU to Raise Concern about Human Rights in Iran at the UN * EU foreign ministers meeting in Luxemburg said the EU will discuss human rights violations directly with Iran and would raise concerns about human rights violations in Iran at the UN, as it continues negotiating with Iran about trade and economic cooperation. Paris-based human rights activist Abdolkarim Lahiji said international human rights organizations asked the EU to propose a resolution to the UN general assembly to assign a special human rights observer for Iran. He says Britain and Ireland support raising the issue at the UN General Assembly, but Denmark's foreign minister favors direct talks with Iran. (Jean Khakzad, Paris) Swedish Parliament's Bill on Human Rights Violations in Iran * The bloc of leftist parties in the Swedish parliament introduced a bill to force the government to raise human rights violations in Iran in the European Commission and other international organizations. Iranian affairs advisor to the Swedish parliament's leftist parties' bloc Faramarz Puya tells RFE/RL that the coordinator of Iran policy in the Swedish parliament met with the Swedish prime minister over Iran. (Mahmonir Rahimi) KDP Leader: Possible US Attack on Iraq Has No Impact on Iranian Kurds * Abdollah Hassanzadeh, the secretary-general of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran tells RFE/RL that he does not believe that a US attack on Iraq would take place, but if it does, it would not concern Iranian Kurds, who consider it a strictly Iraqi issue. He adds that there has been no contact between Iranian and Iraqi Kurds about the attack and its aftermath, but he is certain that Iraqi Kurds do not seek an independent state. (Fereydoun Zarnegar) Bahrain-born Iranians Receive Bahraini Citizenship * Bahrain sent passenger jets to Iran to bring home nearly 1000 Bahrain-born Iranians who received Bahraini citizenship by the order of the Bahraini king. (Farideh Rahbar, Cairo) Plan for Schools in Need of Attention * The education ministry announced that it would provide additional resources for "schools in need of attention." (Said Peyvandi, Paris) RFE/RL Roundtable: Moral Crisis * Qom-based Shiite theologian Mohammad-Ali Ayazi and Ali Sajjadi, publisher of the Washington Persian-language monthly "Par" discuss the loss of ethics and moral principles in Iranian society today. (Mehdi Khalaji) ARTS AND IDEAS Daily Internet Report * Persian-language website mails a daily heartwarming, positive message to subscribers who pay $20 per year. (Behnam Nateghi, New York) Daily medical advice (Dr. Mansur Moslehi, Los Angeles) 4th International Afghan Youth Conference in New York * Young Afghans from the US, Canada and Europe gathered in New York for a four day conference. RFE/RL's Zheela Nouri, who took part in the conference, says young people gave presentations about their projects for reconstruction of Afghanistan. Most of the projects concerned providing education to Afghans, especially women. (Ardavan Niknam) Daily Book Review * RFE/RL's Tehran-based book critic Kamran Fani reviews "Vel Konid Dast-e Ma-ra (Let Go of My Hand)" by Hasan Asghari, a historical novel in Persian about the early 20th Century leftist insurgent movement based in the Caspian forests led by Mirza Kuchek-Khan and his aid Doktor Heshmat. Daily Science Report * Ohio University researchers predict that the snows of Kilimanjaro would melt by 2020. (Fatemeh Aman, Washington) Song: Jahan-e Sevom (Third World) * RFE/RL's Frankfurt-based music critic Mahmud Khoshnam plays Janhan-e Sevom, based on lyrics by Ardalan Sarfaraz, performed by the 1970s popular singer Ramesh. Shadi (Joy) * Los Angeles DJ Afshin Gorgin plays the latest Persian pop tunes. Love Stories in Persian Literature: Shirein va Farhad * Sadredin Elahi continues his recitation of the love story of Shirin va Farhad, based on the poetry of Vahshi Bafqi. WORLD * The Islamic Jihad assumed responsibility for yesterday's suicide attack on a bus north of Tel Aviv in which 10 died. (Jamshid Chalangi, Cairo) * President Bush said Saddam Hussein could remain in power if he complies with UN resolutions. (Homayoun Majd, Washington) * French UN envoy said France, Russia and China oppose US-proposed Security Council resolution. (Jean Khakzad, Paris) * Hans Blix, head of the UN arms inspectors in Iraq, said in Moscow that Iraq can avoid war if it complies with UN resolutions. Undersecretary of State John Bolton discussed North Korea's nuclear weapon development and Russia's involvement in Iran's nuclear programs with Russian foreign minister Igor Ivanov. (Mani Kasravi, Moscow) * US and Czech forces stage chemical warfare maneuvers with Kuwaiti military. (Farideh Rahbar, Cairo) * Washington sniper kills a bus driver in Maryland. (Homayoun Majd, Washington) * Al-Qaeda terrorists attack a Greek navy vessel in the Indian Ocean. (Ahmad Ra'fat, Rome) * Amnesty International asked Iraqi government about thousands of political prisoners. AI's Iraq affairs spokesman Kamal Samari tells RFE/RL that many political prisoners were jailed without trials. (Shahran Tabari, London) * Former Afghan president Borhanedin Rabbani tells RFE/RL that Afghanistan's transitional government under Hamid Karzai has been effective, but it needs to receive the financial aid promised from abroad. (Shahram Mirian, Cologne)

هدف از تهيه لايحه اصلاح قانون انتخابات، تحقق هر چه بيشتر اصل برائت در امر انتخابات و همچنين ايجاد سهولت در اجراي انتخابات و بالاخره زمينه سازي هرچه مناسبت تر براي مشاركت عامه مردم در تعيين سرنوشت خويش اعلام شده است، اما ماده 28 لايحه كه شرايط انتخاب شوندگان را شرح مي دهد، راه دستيابي به اهداف يادشده را هموار نمي سازد. دكتر نعمت احمدي، حقوقدان، در مصاحبه با راديوآزادي مي گويد اعتقاد و التزام عملي به اسلام و نظام جمهوري اسلامي، كه در ماده 28 لايحه در زمره شرايط انتخاب شدن آورده شده است، كلياتي را مطرح مي كند كه مي تواند قابل تفسير باشد. وي مي افزايد شرايط ديگر نظير وفاداري به ولايت فقيه و نظام جمهوري اسلامي، عدم شهرت به فساد و فسق و نظاير آن نيز قابل تفسير هستند و تعدادي از نمايندگان مجلس پنجم با استناد به اين اصل از شركت در انتخابات ششم محروم شدند. احمدي مي افزايد: لايحه اصلاح قانون انتخابات مربوط به نظارت استصوابي شوراي نگهبان است ولي ماده 28 هم بايد اصلاح شود.

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