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Summary of Iran Stories in Today&apos;s BroadcastsBehnam NateghiWednesday, January 28, 2004 <b>MIT Group Survey Finds US Iranians More Educated and Affluent than Other Minorities</b> • The Iranian-Americans are far more numerous than the US census data indicate and are among the most highly educated people in the country, according to research by the Iranian Studies Group, an independent academic organization, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). With their high level of education and a median family income 20 percent higher than the national average, Iranian-Americans contribute substantially to the US economy. (Nazi Azima) <b>Four Cabinet Ministers to Review Bans on Election Candidacy Applicants</b> • Four cabinet ministers will review the Guardians Council&apos;s bans on candidacy applicants in the voting districts where the bans have resulted in virtually no contest wins for the conservatives, Majles speaker Mehdi Karrubi announced after a meeting held by the Supreme Leader with President Khatami, Karrubi and judiciary chief Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi-Shahroudi. The reformists had protested that the Guardian Council&apos;s mass disqualifications of nearly half of 8,000 candidacy applicants have left no reformist challenger for 190 of the 290 Majles seats in the February 20 elections. Karrubi, as his fellow moderate Khatami, was again the conciliatory face of the reformist faction. Once more he hoped an early end to the crisis that began 17 days ago with the sit-in protest of 83 Majles MPs who were banned from reelection by the Guardians Council. In an effort to find a peaceful solution to the crisis, Karrubi had convinced the reformist MPs to pass an amendment bill to the election law, which would have reinstated the MPs as well as the nearly 700 other candidacy applicants, who had been approved to run in previous elections. The Guardians Council found the amendment bill un-Islamic and unconstitutional, and returned it to the Majles. Today, in a show of defiance, Majles reformists voted to shelve the bill for six months, well into the next term of the Majles, instead of sending it for arbitration to the Expediency Council. Against the backdrop of the continued sit-in protest of the MPs and as the factions exchange warnings and threats, top officials are at work behind-the-scenes to find a way to defuse the crisis. The Guardians Council has nothing to lose, even if it backs out all the disqualifications, but the disqualified MPs stand to lose their seats and their social standing, and also the banner of reforms from within. (Siavash Ardalan) • The elections crisis has placed the regime on the verge of political chaos, writes Vienna daily <i>Der Standard</i>. In another story, the paper quotes Austrian President Thomas Klistil who said in talks with the Islamic officials in Tehran, he could not receive a clear answer from either side of the elections crisis. (Parviz Farhand) • The MPs&apos; sit-in is only a faint echo of the colossal cry that has risen from the depths of the Iranian society, writes student leader Saeed Razavi-Faqi in the reformist daily <i>Yaas-e Now</i>. Silencing this cry does not resolve anything, he added, criticizing the state-run radio-TV monopoly for not airing the news of the MPs sit-in protest. (Ali Sajjadi) • In today&apos;s session of the Majles, Tehran MP Ali Shakurirad read the 12th communiqué of the striking MPs, in which they said the rejection of the Majles approved election law amendments showed that the Guardians Council has no intention to end the crisis that was started by its local election supervision councils. Secret hands are at work to rid the Islamic Republic of its democratic character, the communiqué said. Conservative Azerbaijani MP Alikhani said the reformists&apos; sit-in protest was illegal and useless. Kashan MP Hasan Toufiqi said a parallel intelligence organ had been given the mission to see that 190 of the 290 Majles seats would be decided prior to the elections. (Arash Qavidel, Tehran) • The government is for healthy, free and competitive elections, President Khatami said at the Tehran airport as he accompanied departing Austrian President Thomas Kilistil. • Fifty members of the association of the Islamic student councils Daftar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat (Office of Reinforcing Unity) joined the striking MPs at the Majles in a show of support, among them was student leader Abdollah Momeni, secretary of the Daftar, who was thrown in jail last summer during the pro-democracy demonstrations. • Nearly 600 members of the association of the Islamic student councils (Daftar Tahkim-e Vahdat) put their names under an open letter in support of the Majles MPs. Even though the reformist Majles MPs&apos; showed their resolve too late, we (association of Islamic student councils) decided to support them and thank their attempt to stand up for the people&apos;s rights, member of the association&apos;s general council <b>Seyyed Amir Pakzad</b> tells <b>Radio Farda</b>. (Amir-Mosaddegh Katouzian) • Hundreds of university professors and faulty members in Tehran and many other cities expressed support for the striking MPs by holding symbolic hunger strikes, called “political fasting.” The support of university faculty members and students, as well as the support of cabinet ministers, their deputies, provincial governors and other high-level officials, would certainly have an impact on the events, just as the anti-Shah movement before the 1979 revolution grew stronger from universities&apos; support, Mashhad-based commentator <b>Mohammad-Sadeq Javadi-Hessar</b> tells <b>Radio Farda</b>. (Jamshid Zand) • In an open letter to head of the state-run radio-TV monopoly Ali Larijani, President Khatami and Majles speaker Mehdi Karrubi complained about the TV&apos;s misrepresentation of their response to the Guardians Council secretary Ayatollah Jannati&apos;s comments, and criticized the radio-TV&apos;s blackout of the Majles news. • It has now become a tradition for the radio-TV monopoly to attack, ignore or ridicule the reformists around the elections&apos; time. (Nima Tamadon) <b>EU Postpones Talks on Economic Cooperation Treaty</b> • Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini arrived in Tehran after attending a meeting in Brussels in which 15 EU foreign ministers decided to postpone negotiations on a comprehensive economic cooperation treaty with Iran, pending the outcome of Iran&apos;s elections crisis. He received assurances that Iran will continue to play a moderating and constructive role in post-war Iraq, Frattini said after meeting his foreign minister Kamal Kharrazi. He also pledged cooperation in fighting against drug trafficking and reconstruction of the earthquake-stricken Bam citadel. He expressed appreciation for Teheran&apos;s commitment to the International Atomic Energy Agency with the signing of an added protocol to the Non Proliferation Treaty. Kharrazi said Iran expects nuclear cooperation from Europe in return for the agreement to suspend its uranium enrichment program. • Activists against death penalty in Rome criticized Frattini for promising to cooperate with Iran&apos;s anti-drug trafficking campaign which includes death penalty for traffickers. (Ahmad Ra&apos;fat, Rome) • The EU postponed negotiations with Iran on economic cooperation treaty, pending the outcome of the elections in Iran, Irish foreign minister Brian Cowen said in Brussels after the meeting of the EU foreign ministers. (Ali Sajjadi) <b> Scientists Sold Nuclear Secrets for Personal Gain, Pakistan Admits</b> • “One or two people” acted for personal profit in trying to spread nuclear technology On Monday, Information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said on Monday, speaking of the result of a probe by the Pakistan government into the activities of the nuclear scientists who may have sold centrifuge technology for uranium enrichment to Iran and Libya. He did not name the scientists, but Pakistani press have reported that father of Pakistan&apos;s atomic bomb Abdul Qadeer Khan has been detained and questioned. (Alireza Taheri) • After the mass disqualifications of candidacy applicants, the government cannot hold free and competitive elections, but since by law the elections must be held, the government will do its best to hold free, healthy and competitive elections, cabinet spokesman Abdollah Ramezanzadeh said in an interview with the state-run “students” news agency ISNA. (Leyli Arman) <b>Privatization, Islamic Style</b> • In the name of privatization, a consortium of government-owned banks bought 35 percent of the state-owned enterprise Sadra, The trade of 165 million shares, for 4,08 trillion rials, nearly $500 million, at the current exchange rate, was the largest in the history of the Tehran stock exchange. Among the world&apos;s non-communist countries, Iran has the most communist economic system where even privatization has to pass through the government hoop, writes the reformist daily <i>Shargh</i>. (Fereydoun Khavand) . در هفدهمين روز از تحصن نمايندگان اصلاح طلب مجلس در اعتراض به رد گسترده صلاحيت ها، وعده عبور از اين بحران بار ديگر تكرار شد. محمد خاتمي، رئيس جمهوري و مهدي كروبي، رئيس مجلس شوراي اسلامي امروز هم ابراز اطمينان كردند كه انتخابات مجلس هفتم آزادانه و عادلانه برگزار شود. در اين ميان، نمايندگان متحصن در مجلس در هر حال در چند و چون و چگونگي گام بعدي هستند كه بايد تا آخر اين هفته بردارند. اصلاح طلبان جمهوري اسلامي از شوراي نگهبان خواسته اند تا روز پنجشنبه فهرست نهائي داوطلبان تائيد شده انتخابات مجلس هفتم را اعلام كند. هيات نظارت زير نظر شوراي نگهبان صلاحيت بالغ بر سه هزار داوطلب از جمله نمايندگان فعلي مجلس را رد كرد. سياوش اردلان (راديوفردا): اولين خبري كه از جلسه ديروز سران سه قوا با آيت الله خامنه اي رهبر جمهوري اسلامي منشر شد، از زبان رئيس مجلس، مهدي كروبي بود. مهدي كروبي گفت در جلسه ديروز مقامات حكومت مقرر شد كه چهارتن از وزيران دولت، مسئله رد صلاحيت ها را پيگيري كنند. وزير اطلاعات، بازرگاني، صنايع و معادن، و نفت، قرار است رد صلاحيت ها را با شوراي نگهبان پيگيري كنند و نتايج تا آخر وقت پنجشنبه اعلام شود. مهدي كروبي به مانند هميشه در مقام يك چهره مداراجوي اصلاح طلب بارديگر ابراز اميدواري كردكه مسئله حل شود. وي به مانند محمد خاتمي، رئيس جمهوري و ديگر همفكران خود، چند روز پيش نمايندگان معترض مجلس را متقاعد كرد كه در تلاشي ديگر براي كنار آمدن با شوراي نگهبان طرحي را تصويب كنند كه بر اساس آن قانون به گونه اي اصلاح شود تا شوراي نگهبان بتواند آبرومندانه رد صلاحيت شدگان را تائيد كند. به رغم اطمينان دادن هاي مهدي كروبي، شوراي نگهبان طرح سه فوريتي نمايندگان را چند ساعت بعد از تصويب رد كرد. امروز نمايندگان مجلس با دهن كجي متقابل، طرح را به مدت شش ماه يعني بعد از پايان اين دوره مجلس شوراي اسلامي مسكوت گذاشتند. هدف از اين كار جلوگيري از رفتن طرح به مجمع تشخيص مصلحت نظام براي داوري نهائي بود. نمايندگي كه روز تحصن خود را در اعتراض به رد صلاحيت ها پشت سر مي گذرانند، پس از رد شدن طرح خود گفتند ديگر اميدي به انتخابات آزاد نيست و آنها استعفا خواهند داد. اين نمايندگان همين تهديد ها را امروز هم تكرار كردند اما جناح راست هم به نوبه خود از تهديد كردن فروگذار نكرد. اين بار از زبان سخنگوي قوه قضائيه، كه امروز گفت تحصن نمايندگان ميتواند مصداق اخلاق در انتخابات باشد واگر دادگاه تشخيص دهد چنين است با فرد خاطي برخورد خواهد كرد. درگرماگرم اين شاخ وشانه كشيدن هاي اين دوجناح، بزرگان آنها در پشت صحنه قدرت گرم يافتن راهي براي حل اين بحران هستند. در اين كشاكش، شوراي نگهبان، حتي اگر تمام نمايندگان رد صلاحيت شده را تائيد كند، جز موقعيت اسمي خود نزد طرفداران چيزي براي از دست دادن ندارد. اما نمايندگان شاخص اصلاح طلب، علاوه بر شغل و جايگاه روبه كاهش اجتماعي خود مي توانند پرچم اصلاحات درون حكومتي را از دست بدهند. در هفدهمين روز تحصن نمايندگان رد صلاحيت شده مجلس در اعتراض به رد گسترده صلاحيت بيش از 3 هزار تن از داوطلبان نامزدي در انتخابات مجلس هفتم، مهدي كروبي، رئيس مجلس گفت در جلسه ديروز روساي سه قوه با رهبر جمهوري اسلامي، مقرر شد كه چهارتن از وزيران دولت، مسئله رد صلاحيت ها را پيگيري كنند. وزراي اطلاعات، بازرگاني، صنايع و معادن، و نفت، قرار است رد صلاحيت ها به خصوص در حوزه هائي كه رقابت انتخاباتي در آنها از ميان رفته است، با شوراي نگهبان پيگيري كنند و نتايج تا آخر وقت پنجشنبه اعلام شود. نمايندگاني كه طرح آنها براي اصلاح قانون انتخابات ديروز در شوراي نگهبان رد شده بود، گفتند ديگر اميدي به انتخابات آزاد نيست و آنها استعفا خواهند داد. سخنگوي قوه قضائيه هشدار دارد در صورت تشخيص قاضي تحصن نمايندگان مي تواند به عنوان اخلال در انتخابات قابل تعقيب باشد.