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Summary of Iran Stories in Today&apos;s BroadcastsBehnam NateghiMonday, June 14, 2004 <b>Iranian Security Forces Detain 22 UAE Fishermen</b> • Security forces confiscated 6 UAE fishing boats and detained 22 crewmen near the Persian Gulf Island of Qeshm, al-Alam, the Islamic government&apos;s Arabic satellite news channel reported on Sunday. UAE officials said on Monday that they have no information on the incident. Iran on Sunday asked Qatari ambassador in Tehran to explain the shooting in the early hours of Friday morning by Qatar navy at an Iranian fishing boat near Lavan island, after which the fishing boat and its wounded crewmen were taken to Qatar. Following last week&apos;s statement of the Gulf Cooperation Council in support of UAE&apos;s claim over three Persian Gulf islands of Tonbs and Abu Musa, UAE coast guard fired on an Iranian fishing boat near Abu Musa and took the boat and its crewmembers to Dubai to stand trial for trespassing. Qatar and UAE want to exploit Iran&apos;s weakened condition and the presence of US forces in Iraq and the Persian Gulf to pressure Iran on disputed islands and Persian Gulf gas resources, <b>Alex Vatankhah</b>, an analyst with <i>Jane&apos;s Defense Weekly</i> in London, tells <b>Radio Farda</b>. In a possible skirmish between Qatar and Iran, the US will certainly side with Qatar, he adds. (Peyman Pezhman with Shahran Tabari, London) • Iranian newspapers and radio-TV aired many reports on the growing tension between the Islamic government and UAE. But newspapers in UAE have been silent about it. Qatar and UAE rarely speak about the issue, because they don&apos;t want to blow up the dispute, Dubai-based Persian Gulf expert <b>Fatemeh Saeq</b> tells <b>Radio Farda</b>. UAE has extensive trade relations with Iran, which it does not want to jeopardize. But Qatar is a base for US troops, making the Islamic government&apos;s stance anti-US. However, she adds, despite their agreement on Iran and their support for each other, UAE and Qatar will not take a unified position against Iran. (Peyman Pezhman) <b>IAEA Chief Calls for More Transparency in Iran&apos;s Report on Nuclear Activities</b> • IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei once again urged the Islamic government to be more forthcoming in reports to the UN agency about its nuclear activities. He said tomorrow (Wednesday), the International Atomic Energy Agency&apos;s board of governors will review the inspectors&apos; report on Iran. “We still have a central issue and that is whether Iran has declared all of its enrichment activities,” he said. ElBaradei said there were two questions related to Tehran&apos;s enrichment program that the IAEA had been unable to answer -- the scale of Iran&apos;s advanced P-2 centrifuge program and the origin of traces of bomb-grade uranium found in the country,” he added. • Iran should stop “posturing” and cooperate with IAEA over its nuclear program, US State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said on Tuesday. “Iran has obligations under its international agreements ... so that&apos;s what we expect Iran to meet, and threats and other posturing don&apos;t get us anywhere, he added. • The session of the IAEA board of governors opened today in Vienna. The board the matter of Libya before discussing the agency&apos;s report on Iran. (Kianoush Faried, Vienna) • The United States is concerned that Iran&apos;s nuclear program is reaching a very advanced stage, nearing self-sufficiency, US Undersecretary of State for Non-Proliferation <b>John Bolton</b> tells <b>Radio Farda</b>. One reason that the UN Security Council should consider Iran&apos;s nuclear program is that Iran&apos;s production of nuclear weapons would be a threat to peace and security of the world, he adds. The leaders of the G8 countries were unanimous against development of nuclear weapons by Iran, he says. (Parichehr Farzam) <b>US State Department Releases Fourth Annual Report on Human Smuggling</b> • “Iran is a source, transit, and destination country for women and girls trafficked for the purposes of sexual and labor exploitation,” according to the fourth annual Trafficking in Persons Report issued by the US State Department. The Government of Iran does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so, the report says. “Women and girls are trafficked to Pakistan, Turkey, and France for sexual exploitation. Boys from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are trafficked through Iran to the Gulf States where they are forced to work as camel jockeys, beggars, or laborers. Afghan women and girls are trafficked to Iran for sexual exploitation and forced marriage. Internal trafficking of women and girls for sexual exploitation and children for forced labor also takes place. The internal trafficking of women and children is fueled by an increasing number of vulnerable groups, such as runaway women, street children and drug addicts.” <b>US Supreme Court Rejects Hostages&apos; Claim against Iran</b> • The US Supreme Court refused on Monday to consider reinstating a $33 billion lawsuit over the detention and torture of 52 American diplomats held for 444 days after the takeover of the US Embassy in Tehran on November 4, 1979. The Supreme Court declined without comment the request by former hostages to allow Iran to be sued. The international agreement which led to the hostages&apos; release prohibited legal action against Iran. <b>Tabriz Judiciary Releases Journalist on Medical Furlough</b> • The Tabriz Islamic revolutionary court released independent journalist <b>Ensafali Hedayat</b> on medical furlough so that he can recover from a recent surgery. Hedayat, who has been sentence to 18 months in jail for attending a meeting of anti-regime secular activists in Berlin, fell seriously ill from a hunger strike in protest against his detention. The arrest warrant shown to him on his return from Berlin had been issued four days before he left for Berlin, he tells <b>Radio Farda</b>. On his arrival from Berlin, the first call he received on his mobile phone was from the same intelligence ministry officer who had been interrogating him regularly every month for the past two years. Security officers arrested him in his house and confiscated his computer, mobile phone, his manuscripts and notes, some of which, including his manuscripts, have not been yet returned. Hedayat says he was treated well during months of solitary detention, but later he spent 44 days in a cellblock which lacked basic sanitary conditions. “It was as if they wanted to pinched my ears in order to tell the other inmates that if they overstep their bounds, their ears would be cutoff,” Hedayat says, adding that his treatment in jail was generally good and the intelligence officers treated him “well.” (Fereydoun Zarnegar) <b>Judiciary Permits Nobel Laureate Ebadi to Represent Family of Slain Photojournalist Kazemi</b> • Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi would be allowed to represent the victim&apos;s family in the trial of an intelligence officer accused in the death in custody of Canadian-Iranian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi, Tehran judiciary announced today, denying earlier reports that a judge had barred Ms. Ebadi from the proceedings. <b>Death Toll from Moonshine Vodka Reaches 22</b> • The death toll among 65 people who fell into a comma after drinking home-made vodka in Shiraz reached 22. <b>Union Unable to Pay Unemployed Journalists</b> • The trade union of journalists is unable to pay unemployment benefits to the hundreds of unemployed workers of the daily <i>Entekhab</i>, which closed last week after five years in business, the society for defense of press freedoms&apos; spokesman Mashallah Shamsolvaezin tells <b>Radio Farda</b>. Too many journalists and other newspapers workers have lost their jobs as a result of the judiciary&apos;s closing of nearly 100 publications, and we believe that it is the judiciary&apos;s responsibility to provide benefits for them, he adds. (Farin Asemi) <b>Communications Ministry Buys New Equipment for Blocking Internet Sites</b> • The communications ministry has purchased new, more advance hardware and software to ensure that all ISPs will follow the rules regarding filtering of “undesirable” Internet site, communications minister Ahmad Motamedi said today in an interview with Tehran daily <i>Sharq</i>. He defended the recent padlocking of ISPs by the order of Iran Telecom. . جمهوري اسلامي خبر از بازداشت 22 کشتيران امارات متحده عربي و توقيف شش کشتي داد. سه ماهيگير ايراني نيز هفته گذشته توسط امارات بازداشت شدند. جمهوري اسلامي همچنين به قطر اعتراض کرد که ماموران ساحلي آن کشور به روي يک قايق ايراني آتش گشودند، که در پي آن عده اي مجروح و کشته شدند. مسئولان وزارت امورخارجه و خبرگزاري دولتي امارات هنوز خبر موثقي دراين باره ندارند. مقامات وزارت امورخارجه و رئيس خبرگزاري دولتي قطر روز دوشنبه گفتند که گزارش هاي سفير قطر در تهران را، كه چند روز پيش به وزارت امورخارجه جمهوري اسلامي احضار شده بود، در جلسه اي تحت بررسي دارند و تا آخر امروز يا فردا بيانيه اي در اين باره صادر خواهند كرد. بحران در روابط ايران و امارات اندكي بعد از انتشار آخرين بيانيه شوراي همكاري خليج فارس در حمايت از ادعاي امارات نسبت به جزاير سه گانه خليج فارس آغاز شد. آلکس وطنخواه، کارشناس مرکز دفاعي جينز، در مصاحبه با راديوفردا مي گويد که قطر و امارات مي خواهند از موقعيت ضعيف فعلي ايران، که ناشي از حضور آمريکا در عراق و نيز درگيري هاي بين المللي جمهوري اسلامي است، سوء استفاده کنند. وي مي گويد که قطر اکنون تحت حمايت آمريکا است و اگر ايران پاسخي به حمله‌هاي قطر بدهد، آمريکا از قطر پشتيباني خواهد کرد. ايران و قطر بر سر استفاده از يک حوزه گاز طبيعي در مرز مشترک با يکديگر اختلاف دارند.