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آمريكا مذاكره پنهاني با جمهوري اسلامي براي تبادل عناصر ارشد سازمان هاي تروريستي القاعده و مجاهدين خلق را تكذيب كرد

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Summary of Iran Stories in Today&apos;s BroadcastsRadio FardaSaturday, August 02, 2003 <b>Qaeda Third Man in Iran</b> • Iran has taken into custody the third-ranking member of Al Qaeda, Saif al-Adel, the New York Times quoted US officials as saying today, but has rebuffed an initial US effort to hand him and other top Qaeda figures over to Washington. • Vice president for legal and legislative affairs Mohammad-Ali Abtahi said Iran has not harbored members of al Qaeda, but has arrested them. Mr. Abtahi added that Iran would continue supporting Lebanon&apos;s Hizbollah as Tehran did not consider it a terrorist group. (Farideh Rahbar) <b>Khomeini&apos;s Grandson turns against Iran Regime</b> • Ayatollah Khomeini&apos;sBaghdad-based grandson said he was after overthrowing the regime his grandfather founded in Iran in 1979. “At the moment, Iran is ruled by a religious dictatorship, which is the harshest form of suppression,” Hossein Khomeini, a mid-ranking cleric, told the Dutch daily <i>NRC Handelsblad</i>. “The Iranian people are frustrated with what has taken place in the name of religion,” he said. “Our most important demand is to have a secular state.” Asked if he thought that the US could bring freedom to Iran, Mr. Khomeini said, “If it is only America that can bring freedom to us, let them do so.” This is the first time a close relative of Ayatollah Khomeini lashes out at the Islamic state explicitly. (Ardavan Niknam) <b> Anti-Regime Groups Threatens Iranian Businessman in Stuttgart</b> • Authorities in Germany Friday were investigating a possible link between Iranian dissidents and an explosive device found in front of an Iranian businessman&apos;s home. The device outside the home in Bermatingen near Stuttgart was not primed to go off and posed no threat to residents, police said. In their statement, a group calling itself the crusaders of Iranian liberation said the man was involved in arms deals with the Islamic regime. (Shirin Famili) <b>Temblors Shake Iran, No Casualties Reported</b> • An earthquake measuring 4.2 points on the Richter scale shook the southern province of Fars. Early on Friday,a slight quake measuring 3.8 points on the Richter scale was registered in the southwestern province of Ilam&apos;s Mehran. No one suffered in either quake. (Fereydoon Zarnegar) <b>IAEA Experts to Persuade Tehran to Clarify Nuclear Plans</b> • UN International Atomic Energy Agency experts will arrive in Iran on Monday, one to lay out for the authorities the legal aspects of the additional protocol that would permit more intrusive inspections of Iran&apos;s nuclear facilities, and another to inspect Iran&apos;s nuclear facilities, an IAEA spokesman said Friday. Iran denied US allegations that is was producing nuclear weapons. (Jamshid Chalangi) <b>Judiciary Official says Lashing no Remedy for Drug Addiction</b> • For the first time, head of the Islamic revolutionary court in the northeastern city of Mashad said that the judiciary&apos;s harsh treatment of drug addicts has proved fruitless. According to official statistics, the number of drug addicts is rising, as the average age of addiction is falling. (Golnaz Esfandiari) <b>Exiled Author calls on Fellow Writers to Protest Suppression of Freedom</b> • Iran&apos;s pro-reform journalists vowed to hold a writing strike and stage sit-ins August 8, designated Journalists&apos; Day, in protest to the prosecution of journalists. But German-based Iranian author <b>Abbas Maroufi</b> tells <b>Radio Farda</b> that all the writers and journalists should write more on the Journalists&apos; Day in order to expose the suppression of press freedom in Iran. (Shahram Mirian, Cologne) <b>Bomb kills Hizbollah Member in Beirut, Iran denies Connection</b> A powerful car bomb killed a member of Lebanon&apos;s Hizbollah guerrilla group on Saturday in Beirut&apos;s southern suburbs, a stronghold of the Iranian and Syrian-backed organization. Iranian embassy in Beirut rejected reports that the man was a Lebanese driver for the Iranian embassy. (Siavash Ardalan) <b>Iran to buy fruits, wheat from Pakistan</b> • Iran has lifted a ban on imports of Pakistani wheat, mangoes and kinnos, an official source at the Pakistan ministry of commerce said Friday. Iran has also shown interest in importing 22,000 tons of wheat from Pakistan (Ardavan Niknam). <b>Interest-free Banking</b> • Two decades after the advent of the so-called Islamic, interest-free banking in Iran, the Islamic regime&apos;s economic officials are still discussing the efficiency of the new system. While several officials and experts have repeatedly said that the interest-free banking is impractical and inefficient, Finance minister Tahmasb Mazaheri said that the government is trying to entirely eradicate interest from banking transactions. (Fereydoon Zarnegar) <b>Senior Cleric Blasts Bill Supporting Women&apos;s Rights</b> • Senior conservative cleric Ayatollah Nouri-Hamedani, said Majles legislation to ratify Iran&apos;s joining the UN treaty to end all discrimination against women was a “great disaster,” and contrary to Islamic principles. He said that just like other “pretentious schemes” such as supporting human rights, democracy and struggle against terrorism, the convention was yet another Western known to undermine Islam, and joining the treating amounted to accepting west&apos;s cultural hegemony. (Ali Sajjadi) <b> Factional Wars Taken into Cyberspace</b> • Suppressing of the independent press in Iran has turned the internet into a new battleground for the Islamic regime&apos;s rival political factions. Responding to a number of conservative websites that “scandalize” the reformists, the latest counterattack has appeared as a new website named “Behind the Scene”, in which one can find a tape of secret discussions in a Police Intelligence Department session, as well as the personal phone numbers of some conservative figures, including Tehran prosecutor Said Mortazavi and the head of the special court for the clergy. (Siavash Ardalan) <b>State-run Festival Cancelled for Rift among Authorities</b> • After months of extensive publicity in the state media about holding a summer festival in several cities, the culture ministry refused to issue a permit for the event, saying that the organizers had failed to announce their “aims and program details”. (Arash Qavidel, Tehran) شيرين فاميلي(راديو فردا): کاخ سفيد گزارش يک شبکه تلويزيون آمريکا را که مذاکراتي بين ايران و امريکا براي مبادله احتمالي اعضاي ارشد القاعده با اعضاي سازمان مجاهدين خلق در جريان است، تکذيب کرد. بيژن فرهودي (راديو فردا): گزارش درباره مذاکرات سري بين ايران و آمريکا نخستين بار توسط شبکه تلويزيوني NBC منتشر شد. در اين گزارش گفته شده بود که آمريکا سعي دارد ايران را متقاعد سازد که 3 تن از چهره هاي ارشد شبکه تروريستي القاعده را تحويل دهد. اين 3 تن عبارتند از: ابوموسي الزرقاوي (متخصص گازهاي سمي)، سعد بن لادن، سومين فرزند اسامه بن لادن که تصور مي شود مشغول برنامه ريزي براي عمليات جديد القاعده است، و سليمان ابوغيث (سخنگوي القاعده که در اولين نوار ويدئوي بن لادن پس از حملات تروريستي 11 سپتامبر 2001، در کنار وي ظاهر شد. به گزارش NBC بسياري از مقامات آمريکايي معتقدند که ايران حاضر است در ازاي يک چيز اين افراد و ديگر قعالان القاعده را به آمريکا يا کشورهاي مطبوع آنها تحويل دهد و ان استرداد اعضاي سازمان مجاهديدن خلق است که اکنون در عراق تحت کنترل نيروهاي نظامي آمريکا قرار دارند. يک مقام ارشد دولت بوش گفت: آمريکا اهميت تحويل اعضاي ارشد القاعده را به ايران گوشزد کرده است، اما هيچ مبادله و هيچ مذاکره اي در کار نبوده است. سازمان مجاهدين خلق به رهبري مسعود رجوي، از حمايت کامل رژيم مخلوع صدام حسين برخوردار بود و اجازه يافته بود که در داخل عراق پايگاه داشته باشد و هر از گاه حملاتي عليه هدفهايي در داخل ايران انجام مي داد. اما بعد از سرنگوني صدام، اين سازمان حامي خود را از دست داد و پايگاههايش مورد بمباران نيروهاي آمريکايي قرار گرفتند و سپس افرادش مجبور به خلع سلاح شده و اکنون نيز تحت کنترل نيروهاي امريکا در عراق به سر مي برند. ... در واشنگتن دکتر پتريک کلاوسن Patrick Clawson، مدير مرکز مطالعات استراتژيک در انستيتوي خاور نزديک در مصاحبه با راديو فردا ابراز عقيده کرد که اصل پيشنهاد مبادله ممکن است براي آمريکا جالب باشد، اما با توجه به آن که ايالات متحده از امضا کنندگان پيمان منع شکنجه است، بعيد به نظر مي رسد که اعضاي مجاهدين خلق را به جمهوري اسلامي که بر اساس مستندات سازمان ملل متحد سابقه ديرينه اي در شکنجه مخالفانش دارد تحويل دهد، چون اين کار مشکلات حقوقي براي آمريکا به وجود خواهد آورد. از آقاي کلاوسن مي پرسيم: آيا فکر مي کنيد ايران از امريکا بخواهد که سرکردگان مجاهدين خلق را به کشور ثالثي تحويل دهد تا مثلا آنها در آنجا به خاطر آن چه که حکومت ايران فعاليتهاي تروريستي مجاهدين مي داند مورد محاکمه قرار گيرند؟ پتريک کلاوسن (مدير مرکز مطالعات استراتژيک در انستيتوي خاور نزديک): موضوع اين است که کدام کشور حاضر است چنين کاري را انجام دهد؟ تقريبا هر کشوري قوانيني دارد که مقرر مي دارد افراد به خاطر ارتکاب جرم و جنايت در آن کشور مورد محاکمه قرار گيرند. کدام کشور است که بگويد مجاهدين در خاک آنها دست به عمليات تروريستي زده است؟ با اين حال به گفته آقاي کلاوسن اگر مثلا دادگاهي در فرانسه بتواند کيفرخواستي عليه آقاي رجوي صادر کند، اين احتمال وجود دارد. ب.ف: در اين حال يک منبع آگاه در واشنگتن به شرط محفوظ ماندن نامش به راديو فردا گفت که عربستان سعودي انتظار دارد به زودي پسر بن لادن را از جمهوري اسلامي ايران تحويل بگيرد. کاخ سفيد گزارش يک شبکه تلويزيون آمريکا را که مذاکراتي بين ايران و آمريکا براي مبادله احتمالي سه تن اعضاي ارشد القاعده با اعضاي سازمان مجاهدين خلق در جريان است، تکذيب کرد. اين 3 تن عبارتند از: ابوموسي الزرقاوي (متخصص گازهاي سمي)، سعد بن لادن، سومين فرزند اسامه، و سليمان ابوغيث، سخنگوي القاعده. پتريک کلاوسن Patrick Clawson، مدير مرکز مطالعات استراتژيک در انستيتوي خاور نزديک، در مصاحبه با راديوفردا مي گويد تقريبا هر کشوري قوانيني دارد که مقرر مي دارد افراد به خاطر ارتکاب جرم و جنايت در آن کشور مورد محاکمه قرار گيرند. از سوي ديگر، يک منبع آگاه در واشنگتن به راديو فردا گفت که عربستان سعودي انتظار دارد به زودي پسر بن لادن را از جمهوري اسلامي تحويل بگيرد.