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واكنش روحانيون بانفوذ به تصويب لايحه الحاق ايران به كنوانسيون جهاني رفع انواع تبعيض عليه زنان

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Summary of Iran Stories in Today&apos;s BroadcastsSunday, August 03, 2003 <b>Senior Cleric Blasts UN Treaty against Discrimination against Women</b> • Senior conservative clerics have lashed out against Majles legislation to ratify Iran&apos;s joining the UN treaty to end all discrimination against women. Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami today called the treaty “illegitimate”, adding his voice to that of Ayatollah Nouri-Hamedani who said on Saturday that the bill was a “great disaster,” and contrary to Islamic principles. (Bahman Bastani, Siavash Ardalan) <b>UN&apos;s Afghan Envoy in Iran</b> • The UN Special Representative to Afghanistan Lakhdar Brahimi headed for Tehran early Sunday on an official three-day visit to discuss Afghan developments with Iranian officials. (Bahman Bastani) <b>Democracy and Human Rights Roundtable: The Constitutional Revolution</b> • Historian and literary expert <b>Mashallah Ajoudani</b>, political theorist <b>Dariush Homayoun</b> and author and researcher <b>Kazem Alamdari</b> discuss the consequences and the legacy of the 1904 Constitutional Revolution, which sought to establish a secular stat and to modernize the country. (Ali sajjadi) <b>Iran Judiciary Keeps Pressuring the Press</b> • Tehran prosecutor lodged a complaint against reformist daily <I>Yas-e Now</I>, whose managing editor MP Mohammad Maeimipour was summoned to court. Meanwhile the hearing session for managing editor of provincial reformist daily <I>Shams-e Tabriz</I>, was postponed as due to the attorney&apos;s heart illness. (Ali Sajjadi) • A court in Tehran will try the publisher of the state-owned <I>Iran</I> daily, who has been charged with fabricating lies by a bus line operator who is being tried in another court for complaints by 80 passengers. (Ali Sajjadi) <b>Ageing Fleet and US Sanctions Hamper Iran&apos;s Passenger Fleet</b> • Transportation minister Ahmad Khorram said that Iran retired from the national fleet nine Russian-designed Tupolev TU-154M planes, due to safety problems. He added that the national carrier faces serious problems in acquiring European made Airbus planes as many of their parts are manufactured by American companies. (Arash Qavidel, Tehran) <b>University Exam Results to be Published Monday</b> • The results of the nationwide university entrance exams are expected to be published on the internet tomorrow. In recent years, applicants have had much difficulty accessing the results, because of the low bandwidth of the exam cetner&apos;s server. (Arash Qavidel, Tehran) <b>Private Schools Our of Reach of Most Families</b> • An education ministry official predicted that with the increasing number of private schools in Iran, the pressure on state schools would ease. However, Paris-based education commenter <b>Saeed Payvandi</b> tells <b>Radio Farda</b> that the expansion of private schools is doomed to fail. “The average tuition fee of a private school is six times the wages of a schoolteacher, which makes it a pie in the sky for a middle-class family. (Nazi Azima) <b>Reformists Wary of Investigations into Journalist&apos;s Death</b> • The five men arrested and charged in the death in custody of Canadian-Iranian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi all worked for the intelligence ministry, announced Tehran judiciary official in charge of the criminal investigation. Reformists expressed concern about the outcome of the investigation. (Siavash Ardalan) <b>Iran to Export Labor</b> • Iran&apos;s labor ministry has adopted a scheme to send workforce to other countries in a bid to deal with the soaring unemployment, as well as to earn much needed hard currency. (Fereydoon Zarnegar) <b>Students Lament Treatment in Custody</b> • In a meeting with two reformist MPs, twelve students arrested during the pro-democracy protests and recently released on bail, complained about the maltreatment they received in jail. Meeting families of three other students, dissident cleric Ayatollah Hosseinali Montazeri expressed regret about the recent events. (Shirin Famili) <b>Tehran Municipality Faces $4.7 billion Deficit</b> • Tehran municipality faces a budget deficit of 3,700 billion rials ($4.7 bn), a municipality official said. The deficit is caused by a deadlock in collecting high-rise building tax, which is the main source of the municipality&apos;s income, he said. The city council is expected to decide on the issue. (Arash Qavidel, Tehran) <b>Amnesty International Calls for Investigation into Journalist&apos;s Death in Custody</b> • Amnesty International urged the Supreme Leader to facilitate the establishment of a permanent independent and impartial investigative body to examine all facets of the suspicious death in custody of Canadian-Iranian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi who died of blows to her skull during interrogation. (Ali Sajjadi) <b>Iranian-American Runs for California Governor</b> • Voters in California will go to the polls October 7 to elect a replacement for Governor Grey Davis. Among the candidates is the Iranian-American entrepreneur, author and scholar <b>Badi Badiozamani</b>, who tells <b>Radio Farda</b> that he is setting history. "I&apos;m the first Persian-American ever to run for governor in the US," he said. “With a million or so votes behind me I could be able to help further the cause of the Iranian community in California, even I don&apos;t get elected.” (Mahdieh Javid) <b>Human Rights Group Concerned about Iranian Prisoners</b> • A spokesman of the Society for the Defense of Iranian Political Prisoners said that it was preparing a list of the people arrested in the recent pro-democracy protests whose situation is unclear. <b>Dr. Bahram Bigdeli</b> tells <b>Radio Farda</b> that his organization will submit the list to international human rights organizations, in an effort to draw EU&apos;s attention to the violation of human rights in Iran. “The Islamic Republic has cancelled the visit of the envoy of the UN Human Rights Commission because the situation in Iran&apos;s prisons is so bad,” he said. (Shahram Mirian, Cologne) <b> Qaeda Members Sighted in Iran Prison</b> • Dozens of al Qaeda members are kept in a prison near Tehran, a political activist said. Amir Saran, a member of the opposition Iran Democratic Front who was recently released on bail after 90 days in Rajai Shahr prison near Tehran, said he had seen 20 t0 30 al Qaeda detainees in jail. Iran has taken into custody the third-ranking member of Al Qaeda, Saif al-Adel, the New York Times quoted US officials as saying on Saturday. (Golnaz Esfandiari) <b>Iran, Ukraine Seal Gas Deal</b> • Iranian and Ukrainian officials signed an agreement planning joint development of a natural gas supply network connecting the Caspian basin to Europe. Iran&apos;s national energy company ultimately could send Ukraine annually up to 15 billion cubic meters of gas, roughly one-third of Ukraine&apos;s present needs, according to the terms of a deal negotiated in Kiev. (Mani Kasravi, Moscow) <b>Iran, Japan Discuss Oil Project</b> • Oil minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh said that talks with a Japanese consortium for the development of the Azadegan oil field continue. Japan has insisted on clarification of Iran&apos;s nuclear program before taking part in the project. (Fereydoon Zarnegar) <b>Spanish Oil Giant Negotiates Deal With Iran</b> * A spokesman of Repsol YPF, the biggest Spanish oil group, tells <b>Radio Farda</b> that a company delegation is in Iran to negotiate a contract to develop and process gas in the South Pars oil field in association with Royal/Dutch Shell and the National Iranian Oil Company. Industry sources said the contract, reported to be worth $1.15 bn, would soon be signed. (Ahmad Rafat, Rome) <b>Iran&apos;s Drug Addiction Plight</b> • Head of Kermanshah province judiciary said sympathizing with drug addicts is not justified. His remarks were apparently in response to the head of the Islamic revolutionary court in Mashad who said on Saturday that the judiciary&apos;s harsh treatment of drug addicts has proved fruitless. According to official statistics, the number of drug addicts is rising, as the average age of addiction is falling. (Golnaz Esfandiari) . فريدون زرنگار (راديوفردا): تصويب لايحه الحاق ايران به کنوانسيون جهاني رفع کليه اشکال تبعيض در زنان در مجلس شوراي اسلامي واکنشهاي تندي را از سوي برخي از روحانيون با نفوذ جمهوري اسلامي بر انگيخت. و با تحريک اين روحانيون، راه پيمايي هايي عليه مجلس و طرفداران برابري زن و مرد برپا شد. بهمن باستاني (راديوفردا): لايحه الحاق ايران به کنوانسيون جهاني رفع اشکال تبعيض از زنان، يک سال و نيم پيش در محافل سياسي ايران و مجلس مطرح شد اما تا چهارشنبه گذشته در نوبت و در واقع مسکوت مانده بود. چهارشنبه اول مرداد اکثريت نمايندگان، يعني اصلاح طلبان مجلس به آن راي دادند، با قيد دو شرط. يک – جمهوري اسلامي مفاد کنوانسيون مذکور را در مواردي که با شرع اسلام مغايرتي نداشته باشد، قابل اجرا مي داند. دو – جمهوري اسلامي خود را موظف به اجراي بند يک ماده 29 اين کنوانسيون نمي داند. بند يک ماده 29 اين کنوانسيون اختلافات در اين زمينه را به مراجع بين المللي و ديوان بين المللي دادگستري لاهه احاله مي کند. تا کنون 47 کشور اسلامي با قيد همين شرطي که مجلس شوراي اسلامي گذاشته، يعني تطبيق مفاد اين کنوانسيون با قوانين اسلامي به کنوانسين جهاني اشکال رفع تبعيض در زنان پيوسته اند اما با اين وجود آيت الله نوري همداني از روحانيون سرشناس قم، پيش از آن که پايه گذاران اين کنوانسيون در باره مصوبه مجلس شوراي اسلامي حرف بزنند، با عصبانيت و تمسخر مي نويسد: پايه گذاران و طراحان اين کنوانسيون تصريح کرده اند که مواد آن استثنا پذير نيست و حالا وکلا مي گويند ما شرط کرديم که مخالف اسلام نباشد. آيت الله نوري همداني در بيانيه خود کنوانسيون مذکور را از ترفندهاي استکبار جهاني معرفي کرده و مي نويسد اين کنوانسيون مانند هواداري از حقوق بشر، تامين دموکراسي و حمايت از حقوق زندانيان، هدفي جز کوبيدن اسلام ندارد و از ترفندهاي شناخته شده استکبار است. آِيت الله نوري همداني باافزودن اين که چندي قبل متن اين کنوانسيون برا ي نظر خواهي به قم برده شد و همه مراجع عليه آن نظر دادند از اقدام مجلس در تصويب و تاييد اين کنوانسيون برآشفته و مي افزايد که معلوم نيست که برخي از وکلا با کدام هدف به مخالفت صريح با بيانات مراجع محترم برخاستند و به تصويب چنين فضيحتي تن دادند. وي تصريح مي کند که روح کنوانسيون مذکور نفي ضروريات اسلام است و طرح و تصويب آن در مجلس به معني پذيرش سلطه فرهنگي غرب بر کشور امام زمان است. آيت الله نوري همداني که از چند سال پيش از شمار روحانيوني بوده که اظهاراتش مرجع و محرک عوامل خشونت در ايران بوده و همزمان با انتشار اين بيانيه اش تظاهراتي در قم عليه مجلس و کنوانسيون رفع تبعيض عليه زنان بر پا شد، مسير شوراي نگهبان را هم را تعيين مي کند. او مي نويسد ما يقين داريم که شوراي نگهبان در برابر چنين طرحهايي خواهد ايستاد. آِيت الله نوري همداني در پايان مجلس را تهديد مي کند و خطاب به نمايندگان مي نويسد که به شما تذکر مي دهيم که علما و مراجع محترم در برابر چنين جريانانهاي خلاف اسلام خاموش نمي مانند و به وظيفه اسلامي خود عمل مي کنند. تصويب لايحه الحاق ايران به کنوانسيون جهاني رفع کليه اشکال تبعيض در زنان در مجلس شوراي اسلامي، با واكنش روحاني محافظه كار، آيت الله نوري همداني روبرو شد. اين لايحه يک سال و نيم مسکوت مانده بود. آيت الله نوري همداني در بيانيه خود کنوانسيون مذکور را از ترفندهاي استکبار جهاني معرفي کرد و نوشت اين کنوانسيون مانند هواداري از حقوق بشر، تامين دموکراسي و حمايت از حقوق زندانيان، هدفي جز کوبيدن اسلام ندارد و از ترفندهاي شناخته شده استکبار است.