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رئيس جمهوري آمريكا گفت تلاش ايران براي دستيابي به سلاح اتمي محكوميت جهاني را در پي خواهد داشت

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Summary of Iran Stories in Today&apos;s BroadcastsBehnam NateghiFriday, September 26, 2003 <b>US President Warns Iran against Nuclear Weapons Program</b> • Talks with world leaders this week at the UN led to agreement that Iran must not be allowed to have a nuclear weapons program, US President George Bush said on Thursday. The UN inspectors found traces of weapons-grade enriched uranium at the site of an electric factory south of Tehran, the second site with such traces, diplomats told Reuters on Thursday. The International Atomic Energy Agency has given Iran until October 31 to prove that it does not have a weapons program. President Bush will raise Russia-Iran nuclear cooperation in his meetings with Russian president Vladimir Putin today and tomorrow at Camp David. We will assure the world that Iran is not pursuing a nuclear weapons program, President Mohammad Khatami said on Thursday in a meeting in Tehran with the outgoing Belgium ambassador to Tehran. (Maryam Ahmadi) • Iran is not, in principle, opposed to signing the additional protocol of the UN nuclear non-proliferation treaty, foreign minister Kamal Kharrazi said on Thursday in his speech at the UN General assembly. Iran has no atomic weapons program, and nothing to hide, he added. (Jamshid Zand) • Iran is within its rights to develop and use nuclear energy, Fidel Castro&apos;s son said yesterday in an interview with the Moscow daily <i>Vremia Novesti</i>. The junior Castro, who is an atomic weapons expert, said Iran is developing nuclear weapons and has installed uranium enriching facilities. (Mani Kasravi, Moscow) <b>Foreign Minister Says Iran will Not Hand al-Qaeda Members to the US</b> • Iran will not hand the US the senior al-Qaeda members he said Iran has in custody, foreign minister Kamal Kharrazi said at a press conference in New York. (Jean Khakzad) <b>FBI Arrests Iranian in a Sting Arms Deal</b> • Federal agents arrested Zursick Avahsahpian, 40, in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday, for attempting to buy military equipment, including F-14 Tomcat fighter jet parts, on behalf of the Iranian army. In a sting operation, undercover agents had been negotiating with Avahsahpian for 18 months. His arrest, a month after he flew into the Miami International Airport from London, took place in a hotel, where he wired Iran for transfer of money to clinch the deal. Since the parts are considered controlled items they cannot be directly sold to Iran. Avahsahpian told undercover agents he would arrange for the parts to be shipped to Italy, and then flown to Iran. (Masoud Malek) <b>Reformist Chief Threatens to Pull Party Out of Majles Elections</b> • Head of the pro-reform Participation Front party Mohammad-Reza Khatami said his party&apos;s fielding candidates in the upcoming Majles elections depends on the two conditions: free and fair elections and the recognition of the role of the legislature in changing the country&apos;s major policies, a right now reserved for the Supreme Leader and his conservative appointments in the Guardians Council and the Expediency Council. Speaking after a meeting of the party&apos;s politburo, Khatami, who is the Islamic president&apos;s brother, said the repeated rejection of the Males bills by the Guardians Council turned the legislature into an ineffective body, and the Guardians&apos; Council power to vet applicants for candidacy in the Majles elections will make the elections unfair and not free. He said the implementation of his conditions should begin now, by giving the Majles the legislative power that it is due. [With such power, the Majles could theoretically implement Khatami&apos;s second condition, by approving the government&apos;s bill to end the Guardians Council&apos;s power to eliminate election candidates. The Guardians Council last month rejected the Majles approved election reform bill that sought to limit the Guardians Council&apos;s power.] Khatami said his conditions for the party&apos;s participation in the Majles elections will need the approval of the party&apos;s congress, due to convene next month. (Bahman Bastani) • The ghost of violence threatens the future of the Islamic Republic, and the Khatami experience has finished. A little spark can explode the society into chaos, writes Madrid daily El <i>Pais</i>, quoting, among others, Tehran University political relations professor Davud Hermidas-Bavand, who tells the El Pais reporter in Tehran that a regime change is inevitable and will be accompanied with violence. (Ahmad Ra&apos;fat, Rome) <b>Judiciary Releases Islamic Student Activist</b> • The judiciary released on bail Said Razavi-Faqih, a.central council member of the Dafter-e Tahkim- e Vahdat -- the association of the Islamic student councils. He is the last of the Daftar&apos;s seven central council members to be released from jail, since their arrest last June during the anti-regime student demonstrations. Razavi-Faqih is the most moderate among the Islamic student activists, his lawyer <b>Ahmad Nemati</b> tells <b>Radio Farda</b>. Hhis release at the start of the school year will help calm student sentiments, he adds, The charges against him may be dropped during his trial, he says. [Razavi-Faqih had been arrested last year for 48 hours after the widespread student demonstrations against the Hamedan court&apos;s death sentence for the Islamic activist history teacher Hashem Aghajari, a central council member of the leftist Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution Organization, a pro-reform party that can count several high-ranking MPs among its members.] (Leyli Sadr) مريم احمدي (راديوفردا): رئيس جمهوري آمريكا گفت قصد دارد برنامه هاي هسته اي ايران را در مذاكرات خود با رئيس جمهوري روسيه در جريان اقامت خود در كمپ ديويد مطرح كند. رئيس جمهوري آمريكا گفت اين مسئله موضوع اصلي بسياري از گفتگو هاي او با رهبران جهان در حاشيه اجلاس مجمع عمومي سازمان ملل متحد در نيويورك بود. آقاي بوش گفت براي جهان اين مسئله حائز اهميت است كه يكصدا براي ايران روشن سازد ادامه برنامه هاي هسته اي از نظر جامعه جهاني محكوم است. وي به خبرنگاران گفت واكنشي كه دراين باره ديده است بسيار مثبت بوده است و مردم خطر دسترسي ايران به سلاح هاي هسته اي را درك مي كنند. اظهارات بوش در حالي مطرح مي شود كه ديپلماتها مي گويند كارشناسان سازمان انرژي اتمي نشانه هاي تازه اي از اورانيوم غني شده در درجه خلوص لازم براي توليد سلاح را در يكي از تاسيسات غني سازي اورانيوم در ايران پيدا كردند. پيشتر بازرسان تسليحاتي سازما در تاسيسات نطنز آثار اورانيوم غني شده پيدا كردند در حاليكه درجه خلوص اورانيوم مورد نياز براي مقاصد مربوط به توليد انرژي پائين تر است و اكنون در تاسيسات برق كلايه در جنوب تهران نيزنشانه هاي تازه اي بدست آمده است. پيش از پرزيدنت بوش، اسكات مككنان، سخنگوي كاخ سفيد نيزگفته بود اينها بخشي از يك الگوي قديمي فريبكاري و سرپوش گذاشتن بر ماهيت هدف واقعي فعاليت هاي هسته اي ايران است. سازمان بين المللي انرژي اتمي تا 31 اكتبر (9 آبان) به ايران فرصت داده است تا صلح آميز بودن برنامه هاي هسته اي خود را به اثبات برساند. اگر ايران از خواست سازمان انرژي اتمي بين المللي تبعيت نكند، مسئله ايران به شوراي امنيت سازمان ملل متحد ارجاع خواهد شد. اسكات مككنان گفت اين آخرين فرصت براي ايران است تا از خواست سازمان بين المللي انرژي اتمي تبعيت كند. اين درحالي است كه محمد خاتمي رئيس جمهوري اسلامي، روز پنجشنبه گفت به دنيا و به آژانس بين المللي انرژي اتمي اطمينان خواهيم داد كه جمهوري اسلامي به دنبال توليد تسليحات هسته اي مخرب نيست. خاتمي در ديدار با سفير بلژيك نگراني مردم و كشورهاي دنيا را از گسترش سلاح هاي كشتار جمعي به حق دانست و گفت جمهوري اسلامي منادي منطقه و جهاني عاري از سلاح هاي اتمي است. ديپلمات هاي غربي روز پنجشنبه گفتند سازمان انرژي اتمي آثار اورانيوم غني شده را در يك جايگاه ديگر ايران، افرون بر نطنز، پيدا كرده است. جرج بوش رئيس جمهوري آمريكا گفت اگر جمهوري اسلامي در دسترسي به سلاح هاي هسته اي پا فشاري كند، محكوميت جهان را به دنبال خواهد داشت. جرج بوش در ديدار روز جمعه و شنبه با ولاديمير پوتين، رئيس حكومت روسيه، همكاري هاي هسته اي روسيه با ايران را مطرح خواهد كرد. پيشتر بازرسان تسليحاتي سازمان در تاسيسات نطنز آثار اورانيوم غني شده پيدا كردند در حاليكه درجه خلوص اورانيوم مورد نياز براي مقاصد مربوط به توليد انرژي پائين تر است. محمد خاتمي رئيس جمهوري اسلامي، روز پنجشنبه گفت به دنيا و به آژانس بين المللي انرژي اتمي اطمينان خواهيم داد كه جمهوري اسلامي به دنبال توليد تسليحات هسته اي مخرب نيست.