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گفتگوهاي محرمانه ايران و آمريكا، از ديد يك هفته نامه بريتانيائي

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Summary of Iran Stories in Today&apos;s BroadcastsBehnam NateghiSunday, October 05, 2003 <b>US Begins “Back-Door” Talks with Iran</b> • The go-between in the “back-door” talks that the London daily <i>The Observer</i> says has begun between the US and Iran, is Jordan&apos;s King Abdullah II. “Last week US officials confirmed that they had received ‘positive signals&apos; from Iran,” the British daily adds. (Ali Sajjadi) <b>Iran Not Bound by the IAEA Resolution, Envoy Says</b> • Iran does not consider itself bound by IAEA&apos;s resolution that gave the country until October 31 to prove that it is not developing nuclear weapons, Iran&apos;s envoy to the IAEA board Ali-Akbar Salehi said on Sunday. (Golnaz Esfandiari) <b>The European Parliament Awards Akbar Ganji the Sakharov Prize</b> • The European Parliament gave jailed writer Akbar Ganji this year&apos;s Sakharov Prize for the Freedom of Thought, which includes 50,000 euros in cash. Named after the late-Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov, the prize is awarded annually by the parliament to defenders of human rights and democracy. The news delights the freedom-seekers in Iran, member of the Iranian writer&apos;s union <b>Kazem Kardovani</b> tells <b>Radio Farda</b> . Ganji is worthy of this prize, because of his own courage, and also because he represents a generation of intellectuals who came to being after the 1979 revolution as “modern Islamists,” but over the years, embraced a democratic outlook. (Parviz Mardani, Berlin) <b>Isfahan MP Warns against Looming Disaster</b> • By avoiding past mistakes, Iran should prevent a disaster that otherwise looms in the country&apos;s horizon, Isfahan&apos;s reformist MP Rajabali Mazroui said in a sharply worded speech at the Majles. He said although torture is forbidden by the constitution, the political prisoners are routinely pressured to sign confessions or accept charges. Marivan MP Abdollah Sohrabi said Khatami&apos;s reformist government has not been able to improve the lot of the Iranian people. (Arash Qavidel, Tehran) <b>Sazegara&apos;s Parents Threaten to Complain to International Bodies</b> • The parents of jailed dissident Mohsen Sazegara threatened that if they were not allowed to visit their son or receive news of his health, they will complain to the international bodies. Dissident writer Emadedin Baqi said when complaints to the judiciary bears no fruit, families of jailed prisoners have no recourse but to appeal to the international organizations, such as the UN. He said the judiciary pays no attention to the wave of domestic and international protests against the continued detention of journalists and students. (Masud Malek) • In an editorial today, the reformist Tehran daily <b>Mardomsalari</b> asks President Khatami to form a special investigative committee to probe the judiciary&apos;s handling of Sazegara&apos;s illness in custody. (Behnam Nateghi, New York) <b>Human Rights and Democracy Roundtable: Voters and Majles Elections</b> • As the next Majles election nears, the reformist camp worries about its ability to bring enough voters to the booths to offset the dedicated minority of conservative voters. In the last municipal elections, the voters dealt the reformists a major blow by staying away. In today&apos;s human rights and democracy roundtable, Tehran university professor <b>Sadeq Zibakalam</b>, London-based human rights advocate <b>Hossein Baqerzadeh</b> and Connecticut-based human rights activist <b>Ramin Ahmadi</b> discuss the outcome of the voters&apos; possible boycott of the elections. (Maryam Ahmadi) <b>Disciplinary Committees Suspend Student Protesters</b> • The disciplinary committees in 20 universities across the country suspended tens of students for their participation in last June&apos;s pro-democracy demonstrations. The association of the Islamic student councils announced that the suspension verdicts were meant to prevent student demonstrations in the new school year, and were the result of a secret agreement between the organs outside the universities with the universities&apos; authorities. (Keyvan Hosseini). <b>Kurdish Islamic Fighters&apos; Brief Visit to Iran</b> • Tehran still insists that none of the Iraqi-based hard-line Muslim Ansar-il-Islam&apos;s 900 or so fighters were allowed into Iran. Hundreds of them managed to get in anyway, welcome or not. Now they&apos;re sneaking back across the border to continue their battle against the West. L. Paul Bremer, the US administrator in Iraq, estimates that “several hundred” Ansar fighters have returned since spring. “They&apos;re a very dangerous terrorist group,” he says, “and that&apos;s a lot of terrorists,” reports the US weekly <i>Newsweek</i>. (Nima Tamadon) <b>Police Arrest Four in Teachers&apos; Demonstrations</b> • In observance of the international day of teachers, thousands of teachers took to streets in Tehran and other Major cities to protest low pay and inadequate benefits. Tehran-based expert on education issues <b>Shirzad Abdollahi</b> tells <b>Radio Farda</b> that the national day of teachers in May was in memorial of the day, 40 years ago, when a teacher by the name of Abolhasan Khanali was killed by the police during a demonstration for better pay and benefits. After the revolution, the assassination of Ayatollah Motahari coincided with that day. [This year, the teachers embraced the international teachers&apos; day and the minister of education&apos;s statement about the occasion angered the conservatives.] The teachers&apos; protest against poor pay and benefits is neither new, nor it is limited to Iran. More than 50 million teachers across the world live under the poverty level. (Nima Tamadon) <b>Attempted Rape Victim&apos;s Daughter Demands Suspension of Her Death Sentence</b> • The 15-year-old daughter of Afsaneh Nowrouzi asked the judiciary chief to suspend her mother&apos;s death sentence. The judiciary&apos;s supreme court confirmed an appeals court death sentence against Ms. Nowrouzi, who had been acquitted in a 1997 preliminary trial, on the grounds that she killed the Kish island chief of police intelligence in self-dense, after the officer attempted to rape her. The international human rights advocacy organizations, including the Amnesty International, condemned the sentence. The Persian news websites said her execution was imminent. Tehran-based legal affairs journalist <b>Said Dehqan</b> tells <b>Radio Farda</b> that there is no rule about the timing of the execution, however, he adds, the dead man&apos;s family have paid Ms. Nowrouzi&apos;s blood money to the government, removing the only religious obstacle to Ms. Nowrouzi&apos;s execution. (Keyvan Hosseini) • The supreme court&apos;s approval of Ms. Nowrouzi&apos;s death sentence denies the right of the citizens to legitimate self-defense in absence of law enforcement authorities, writes the Tehran reformist daily <i>Shargh</i>. She either had to submit to rape, which would have ended in her execution for adultery, or defend her honor by killing her attacker, for which she received the death penalty, the newspaper adds in an editorial critical of the country&apos;s legal system, which it says is unfair to women. (Behnam Nateghi, New York) <b>Iranian Court Orders Coke to Pay Damages to Domestic Bottler</b> • An Iranian court has ordered US Coca-Cola to pay over $7 million to cola bottler Noushab after it allegedly pulled out of a joint venture. The award followed a complaint by Noushab that the US Coca-Cola had pulled out of a $15-million investment agreement signed in 1993. (Ali Sajjadi) . ليلي صدر (راديوفردا): يک هفته نامه بريتانيائي درشماره روزيکشنبه گزارشي درباره گفتگوهاي محرمانه ايران وآمريکا منتشر کرد ونوشت اعمال ديپلماسي سري درپشت صحنه ازسوي برخي ازموثرترين سياستمداران خاورميانه، علايم غيرمنتظره اي ازنزديک شدن آمريکا وايران به يکديگر دربرداشته است. علي سجادي (راديوفردا): هفته نامه آبزرورچاپ لندن درگزارش خود نوشت علي رغم تنش هاي ميان آمريکا وايران، به ويژه در زمينه هائي نظيربرنامه اتمي ايران وادعاهاي مربوط به کوشش هاي اين کشور براي ايجاد بي ثباتي در وضعيت اشغال عراق ازسوي آمريکا، وعليرغم لحن تندي که آمريکا وايران درانظارعليه يکديگربه کارمي برند، گفتگوهائي بين دوکشوربرقرارشده است. ملک عبد الله دوم پادشاه اردن که ماه گذشته اندکي پيش از ديداربا پرزيدنت بوش رئيس جمهوري آمريکا درکمپ ديويد ازتهران ديدن کرد، ازکساني است که رابط ميان دوکشورشده است. گفته شد که محمد خاتمي رئيس جمهوري وکمال خرازي وزيرامورخارجه ايران، نظرات خود را درمورد وضعيت منطقه نزد ملک عبد الله مطرح کرده اند و او اين نظرات را به آمريکائي ها منتقل کرده است. مقامات آمريکا هفته گذشته تاييد کردند اشاره هاي مثبتي ازايران دريافت داشته اند. يک مقام وزارت امورخارجه آمريکا گفت علايمي دردست است که نشان مي دهد ايرانيان مي خواهند درمورد يک سري مسائل با ما گفتگوکنند، وما پاسخ مناسبي به آن ها داده ايم. با اين حال تحليلگران مي گويند گروه هاي مختلف درايران به شيوه هاي ديگري درقبال وضعيت امنيتي جديد ايران واکنش نشان مي دهند و چنين مواضع متضادي، بيانگروجود اختلافات عميقي درسياست ها وجامعه ايران است. تندروهاي مذهبي ايران که کنترل بسياري ازنهادهاي کليدي کشور را دردست دارند، موضع محکمي درقبال برنامه اتمي ايران دارند و براي نيروهاي خارجي مستقردرعراق به رهبري آمريکا، مشکل آفريني مي کنند. اما اصلاح طلبان ايران نظير محمد خاتمي وکمال خرازي، موضع مصالحه جويانه تري دارند. احتمال مي رود ايران درکنفرانس بين المللي کشورهاي کمک کننده به بازسازي عراق در دوران پس ازجنگ که قراراست ظرف همين ماه درمادريد برگزارشود شرکت کند، اما همچنان موضع سختي دربرابر موضوع برنامه اتمي اتخاذ خواهد کرد. حضور برخي ازاعضاي ارشد سازمان القاعده درايران، از ديگرمسائلي است که تنش هائي در روابط ميان آمريکا وايران ايجاد کرده است. اما دراين مورد اختلافاتي بين مقامات آمريکا وجود دارد که منعکس کننده اختلافات درايران است. تندروهاي دولت آمريکا وبه ويژه آن هائي که به دانلد رامسفلد وزير دفاع آمريکا نزديک هستند، ادعا مي کنند که تندروهاي ايران به ستيزه جويان پناه داده اند و تسهيلاتي براي عمليات تروريستي آن ها فراهم آورده اند. اما رقباي آن ها در واشنگتن مي گويند ستيزه جويان اسلامگراي اهل تسنن که رژيم ايران آن ها را بازداشت کرده است، در زندان هستند و قادر نيستند دست به عملياتي بزنند. با اين حال مظنون بودن به اقدام ايران درمورد کوشش در راه توليد سلاح هاي اتمي، در راس سايرمسائل قراردارد. سازمان بين المللي انرژي اتمي خواستاردسترسي سريع به تمامي جايگاه هاي اتمي حساس ايران شده وآخرين فرصت را به اين کشور داده است که ماهيت برنامه اتمي خود را روشن کند. محافظه کاران بلند پايه ايران هفته گذشته شرايط مربوط به مهلت 31 اکتبر را رد کردند واکبرهاشمي رفسنجاني رئيس جمهوري مقتدرپيشين ايران درخطبه نمازجمعه دانشگاه تهران، قطعنامه سازمان بين المللي انرژي اتمي را محکوم ساخت. دکتر علي انصاري استاد تاريخ خاورميانه در دانشگاه دورهام گفت موضوع برنامه اتمي، بسياري ازاصلاح طلبان ومحافظه کاران ايران را متحد کرده است. بسياري ازآن ها معتقدند اين حق ملي آن ها است که داراي برنامه اي اتمي باشند. هفته نامه آبزرورچاپ لندن مي نويسد عليرغم تنش هاي ميان آمريکا و حكومت ايران، به ويژه در مورد برنامه اتمي و تلاش هاي جمهوري اسلامي براي ايجاد بي ثباتي در عراق، و عليرغم لحن تندي که آمريکا وايران درانظار عليه يکديگر به کار مي برند، گفتگوهائي بين دو کشور برقرار شده است. ملک عبدالله دوم، پادشاه اردن رابط ميان دو کشور شده است. تندروهاي مذهبي ايران که کنترل بسياري از نهادهاي کليدي کشور را در دست دارند، موضع محکمي درقبال برنامه اتمي ايران دارند و براي نيروهاي خارجي به رهبري آمريکا مستقر در عراق ، مشکل آفريني مي کنند. اما اصلاح طلبان موضع مصالحه جويانه تري دارند. حضور برخي ازاعضاي ارشد سازمان القاعده درايران، از ديگر مسائلي است که تنش هائي در روابط ميان آمريکا وايران ايجاد کرده است.