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اظهارات رهبر جمهوري اسلامي در باره مذاكره با آمريكا: "نشانه بي غيرتي، خيانت و حماقت"

سياوش اردلان

Summary of Today's BroadcastRFE/RL Persian ServiceWednesday, May 22, 2002 - Leader attacks advocates of US-Iran talks - US-Russia differences over Iran-Russia weapons deals - Revolutionary Guards bust prostitute smuggling rings - Slow economy, oppression and dual government: five years of Khatami - Arrest of al-Qaeda members point to change in terrorism policy - Interior minister blames conservatives for disruption of reformist rallies - Iran does not want to "complicate" Middle East affairs, says Janati - Iran to Hold Maneuvers in the Sea of Oman - Police confiscates Barbie dolls in toy store raids - Obstacles to joining WTO Leader Attacks Advocates of US-Iran Talks * "Those who talk about negotiations with the US know nothing of either politics or honor," said the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei in a speech today to veterans of Iran-Iraq war. Khamenei said negotiations under present US threat would be "stupid," "treason" and a sign of cowardice. He said Iran is being pressured to negotiate from a position of weakness, just as it was in the beginning of the war with Iraq, when a vital part of the country was under enemy occupation and the army lacked supplies and ammunition. His sharply worded attack came a day after conservatives declined the invitation of the Majles national security and foreign relations committee to attend a closed-door gathering to "contemplate" the benefits of possible talks with the US. (Siavash Ardalan) US-Russia Differences over Iran-Russia Weapons Deals * In his upcoming visit to Moscow, US President George Bush will try to stop Russia's alarming cooperation with the Islamic Republic's programs to develop mass destruction weapons. (Siavash Ardalan) Revolutionary Guards Bust Prostitute Smuggling Rings * A hundred suspects were arrested in Tehran after a unit of the Revolutionary Guards, acting on tips from a busted owner of an alcoholic drink plant in Karaj, raided offices of two organizations allegedly involved in smuggling young girls to the UK, Turkey and the Persian Gulf countries. Tehran-based social reporter Shahriar Shams says prostitution is a business and needs to be regulated. He tells RFE/RL that Central Asian countries export young girls to Iran for prostitution; just as poverty-stricken Iranian parents sell their teenage daughters to human smugglers who sell the girls to Arab sheikhs and foreign prostitution rings. Government has not published any figures about the spread of prostitution and human smuggling, and domestic press avoids the issue, he adds. (Siavash Ardalan) Slow Economy, Oppression and Dual Government: Five Years of Khatami On the eve of the sixth anniversary of Khatami's election, four political observers in Iran and France review his five years in office in interviews with RFE/RL. * Tehran-based professor of economy Musa Ghaninezhad says it took Khatami four years to realize that democracy and rule of law cannot be implemented in the absence of comprehensive economic reforms. Only last year three important economic policies were put into effect: unifying the exchange rate, reforming the taxation law and permitting private banking, all of which would have been more fruitful if they had been adopted four years ago. * Paris-based head of Iranian society for defense of human rights Abdolkarim Lahiji says human rights violations increased during Khatami's five year in office. * Tehran-based political analyst Mehdi Shamshirian says Khatami could not defend the 60 reformist newspapers that were closed by the judiciary. Now newspapers can only be published by those directly connected to centers of power. * Tehran-based journalist and student activist Ali Mehri says student movement played a big role in Khatami's election but reformists' control of the student movement has diminished its influence. * Paris-based political analyst Jamshid Asadi says one of the byproducts of the reform movement was cracking the ceiling of power. It legitimized democracy and contained unelected government bodies. However, Khatami's reform movement does not have a strategy to get out of the dual government that it created. (Mehdi Khalaji) Arrest of al-Qaeda Members Point to Change in Terrorism Policy * Iranian border patrols reportedly arrested 23 Pakistanis accused of membership in the al-Qaeda network. If true, the report indicates a change in Iran's policy toward terrorism and a favorable response to the US calls for cooperation in the international war against terror, according to Stratfor Commentary, a journal of Strategic Forecasting. (Fariba Mavedat) Interior Minister Blames Conservatives for Disruption of Reformist Rallies * Interior Minister Mussavi-Lari blamed the disruption of several pro-reform political rallies in provinces on the so-called pressure groups who he said have resumed their activities in order to foment crisis for Khatami's government. Tehran-based conservative journalist Mohammad Hossein Jafarian says the interior minister seeks to foment crisis in order to regain some of government's lost popularity. He tells RFE/RL that with his remarks the interior minister attempts to cover up the shortcomings of his own advisors on the issue of division of the Khorasan province for which Majles has initiated an impeachment process. (Siavash Ardalan) Iran Does Not Want to "Complicate" Middle East Affairs, Says Janati * Iran does not want to add to the Middle East affairs' complications, according to Ayatollah Ahmad Janati, secretary of the Guardians Council, who is in Cairo on an official visit. Janati told AFP that Iran does not want to interfere in other countries' internal affairs, but all Palestinian refugees must be allowed to return home. He declined to comment on US-Iran relations, and said the Supreme Leader makes all foreign policy decisions. (Farideh Rahbar, Cairo) Iran to Hold Maneuvers in the Sea of Oman * Defense minister Ali Shamkhani told a press conference in Kuwait that Iran is planning a maneuver in the Sea of Oman. (Jamshid Chalangi) Tehran Bans Barbie Dolls * Police in Tehran raided toy stores and confiscated all their stock of Barbie dolls, indicating that government's Sara and Dara dolls need police support in order to compete with the popular Barbie. (Fariba Mavedat, based on AP) World Trade Organization's Regional Meeting in Georgia: Goals * Commerce minister Mohammad Shariatmadari complained about obstacles caused by the US opposition to Iran's membership in the World Trade Organization. In addition to barriers set up by Washington, Iran faces many internal political and economic obstacles in its attempt to join the WTO. (Fereydoun Khavand, Paris) WORLD * India and Pakistan on the verge of war. (Alireza Taheri, Fariba Mavedat) * Arafat responds to pressures from the US and Israel for reforms in the Palestinian Authority. Hamas leader Sheik Ahmad Yasin says in an interview with London-based al-Hayat that US reforms promised by Arafat mean to deter Palestinians from their struggle against Israel. (Farideh Rahbar and Jamshid Chalangi, Cario) * On the eve of his trip to Europe and Russia, President Bush tells European journalists that he looks for closer ties with Europe and further cooperation in the war against terrorism. (Shahram Mirian, Cologne) * More than 70,000 demonstrate in Berlin as President Bush arrives in Berlin for talks on German policy towards Saddam Hussein. (Fereydoun Zarnegar, Berlin) * FBI warned New York of possible terrorist attacks. (Nazi Azima) ARTS AND IDEAS Weekly Science Magazine * Network analyst Violet Garoosi says a new generation of supercomputers is the largest ever produced for use in scientific research in an interview with RFE/RL. (Fatemeh Aman, Washington) * New man-made molecule defends against pathogens and boosts the immune system. (Fatemeh Aman, Washington) * Research indicates that the face-processing system at work in sheep's brain is similar to the mechanism by which humans remember and recognize individuals over long periods. (Fatemeh Aman, Washington) Youth, Society and Eduction * Paris-based sociologist Said Peyvandi discusses text-book reform, young girls' escape from home and the benefits of electing heads of universities. Classic Love Stories: Khosrow and Shirin * Sadredin Elahi continues his recitation of the ancient love story of Khosrow and Shirin based on Nezami Ganjavi In the World of Music * RFE/RL's music critic Mahmud Khoshnam gives a short biography of Gustav Mahler, reviews Candadian pop singer Celine Dion's sales figures, plays a song by Ray Charles, as well as an Arabic song performed by Los Angeles-based pop singer Leyla Foruhar. * Iraj Gorgin reads selections from Persian literature.سياوش اردلان (راديوآزادي): اين دومين بار در هفته هاي اخير و سومين بار در ماه هاي اخير است كه آيت الله خامنه اي، رهبر جمهوري اسلامي، مذاكره با امريكا را رد ميكند اما سخنان امروز او عليه طرفداران مذاكره بيش از هر زمان شديداللحن و پرخاشگرانه بود. آيت الله خامنه اي روز چهار شنبه گفت عده اي از مذاكره دم ميزندد كه نه با الفباي سياست آشنايي دارند نه با الفباي غيرت. آيت الله خامنه اي: اين كساني كه از مذاكره با امريكا ميزنند، اينها يا الفباي سياست را بلد نيستند يا الفباي غيرت، يكي از اين دو. س. ا.: رهبر جمهوري اسلامي اشاره نكرد اين عده كه به گفته او دم از مذاكره با امريكا ميزنند چه كساني هستند اما اظهارات مقام رهبري يكروز پس از آن عنوان ميشود كه شماري از اصلاح طلبان پرنفوذ در مجلس نشستي را براي بررسي رابطه با امريكا پشت درهاي بسته برگزار كردند. براي شركت در اين نشست حتي از چند چهره محافظه كار نيز دعوت شده بود اما هيچكدام در ان حاضر نشدند. برگزار كنندگان نشست پارلماني گفته بودند هدف انها "همفكري و طرح شفاف ديدگاه ها" در مورد رابطه با آمريكا است. آيت الله خامنه اي با گفته هاي روز چهارشنبه خود آب سردي را بر روي مبتكران چنين حركاتي ريخت. آيت الله خامنه اي: در حالي كه دشمن اخم ميكنه، اين جور متكبرانه حرف ميزنه، بعضي در دل خودشون احساس ضعف ميكنند... يك عده اي بنشينند اينجا ذليلانه و زبونانه كه ببينيم حالا چكار كنيم، بريم، نريم، نزديك بشيم، باهاشون صحبت كنيم، درخواست كنيم، خواهش كنيم... اين اهانت به غيرت مردم ايرانه، اهانت به عزت مردم ايرانه...اين نشانه بي غيرتي است، اين سياستمداري نيست. س. ا.: هدف اصلاحگرايان به جريان انداختن بحث رابطه با امريكا به گونه اي بود كه يا مجلس تحت كنترل انها يا دولت گامي در جهت گشايش وضع موجود بردارد. در روزهاي گذشته شماري از نمايندگان دوم خردادي مجلس از لزوم بكار بردن "عقل و تدبير" در بحث رابطه با امريكا سخن راندند تا به گفته انها ايران ناگزير نشود در شرايط ناچاري و درماندگي پاي ميز مذاكره بنشيند. اما ايت الله خامنه اي همصدا با محافظه كاران و برخي جريانات سنتي دوم خرداد استدلال ميكنند در شرايطي كه ايران زير تهديدات امريكا قرار دارد، صحبت از مذاكره نه تنها به زيان كشور است بلكه نشان از ضعف و خودباختگي دارد. همين استدلال را امروز ايت الله عليه برخي دوم خردادي هايي بكار برد كه از لزوم شكافتن بحث مذاكره سخن رانده بودند. آيت لله خامنه اي: با چنين كسي كه اينجور صريحا مي گويد كه مي خواهم عليه نظام اسلامي، عليه خواست ملت ايران مي خوام فعاليت كنم، عمل كنم، بودجه مي گذارند براي براندازي... ارتباط با اين خيانت است، مذاكره با اين خيانت است، مذاكره با اين هم خيانت است هم حماقت. س. ا.: آيت الله خامنه اي در حالي مذاكره با امريكا را خيانت و حماقت توصيف مي كند كه اصلاح طلبان چندي است رقيبان خود در جناح راست و نزديكان هاشمي رفسنجاني، سياستمدار پر نفوذ ايران، را متهم به مذاكرات سري با امريكا كرده اند. وزارت خارجه امريكا مذاكرات رسمي با ايران را تكذيب كرده است. بحث درستي يا نادرستي شايعات، عرصه اي ديگر از جنگ قدرت را بين دو جناح گشوده نگاه داشته است. اما ظاهرا همين جدال اينك به اردوگاه هواداران دولت نيز كشيده شده است. علي يونسي، وزير اطلاعات دولت و محسن ميردامادي از نمايندگان هوادار دولت در مجلس هر كدام درباره اينكه مذاكره اي انجام شده يا نه پافشاري ميكنند. آقاي يونسي، ورير اطلاعات گفته است هيچ كس از طرف جمهوري اسلامي با امريكا مذاكره نكرده است. وزير اطلاعات خطاب به محسن ميردامادي كه تاكيد داشت در مورد مذاكرات سري مدرك دارد اظهار داشت كه اگر مدركي دارد بياورد ولي من مي دانم كه حرفش بر اساس شايعات بوده است. انچه وزير اطلاعات به احتمال انجام ان اعتراف كرده است، مذاكراتي است كه افرادي خودسرانه مي توانسته اند با امريكا انجام داده باشند. اين در واقع همان مطالبي است كه آقاي ميردامادي و ديگر نمايندگان اصلاح طلب بر ان تاكيد داشتند...يعني كساني بدون نمايندگي از يك نهاد رسمي با امريكا وارد گفتگو شده اند. وزير اطلاعات اين مطلب را رد نكرد ولي گفت اطلاعاتي در اين باره ندارد. آنچه اصلاح طلبان مجلس را به پافشاري بر انجام شدن مذاكرات پنهاني واداشته، تلآش براي بهره برداري از ان به نفع انجام مذاكراتي در سطح مجالس يا دولتهاي تهران-واشنگتن است. جناح راست هم با دريافتن اين هدف، بشدت اصلاح طلبان را بخاطر دامن زدن به مساله مذاكرات پنهاني، مورد حمله قرار داده و يكي از مسيولان قوه قضاييه از پيگيري شايعه پردازان سخن رانده است. آيت الله خامنه اي در گفته هاي امروز خود از شايعه مذاكرات پنهاني صراحتا چيزي نگفت اما در اشاره اي تلويحي اظهار داشت برخي ها چون از امريكا ترسيده اند و ميخواهند مذاكره كنند، ملت را متهم ميكنند. آيت الله خامنه اي: چشم غره هاي امريكا اونها رو مي ترساند يا وعده هاي آمريكا و امثال آمريكا، دل ضعيف و ناتوان آنها را به خود جذب مي كنه، مي كشن به سمت آمريكا، اونوقت ملت را متهم مي كنند. س. ا.: هنوز هيچكدام از چهره هاي جناح اصلاح طلب به گفته هاي امروز آيت الله خامنه اي واكنش نشان نداده اند. اگر اين بار هم ماجرا به روال سابق پيش رود، پس از چند هفته سكوت، بار ديگر بحث رابطه با امريكا بالا خواهد گرفت.

رهبر جمهوري اسلامي گفت كساني كه از مذاكره با آمريكا دم مي زنند فهم سياسي و غيرت ندارند و به ملت توهين مي كنند. روز گذشته شماري از اصلاح طلبان پرنفوذ مجلس نشستي را پشت درهاي بسته برگذار كردند كه در آن از چند چهره جناح محافظه كار نيز براي شركت دعوت شده بود ولي محافظه كاران در اين نشست حاضر نشدند. هنگامي كه چند هفته پيش آيت الله خامنه اي گفت حكومت ايران از مذاكره با آمريكا سودي نمي برد، بحث در باره آن به فاصله چند روز دو باره با شدت بيشتري شروع شد و اگر اين بار هم ماجرا به روال سابق پيش رود، پس از چند هفته سكوت، بار ديگر بحث رابطه با امريكا بالا خواهد گرفت.

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